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Anyone found a place to purchase these or farm them at a respectable rate?
If you go to Anor londo and drop down some platforms where the silver knighs are then there will be a dragonslayer greatbow. No need to farm.
not yet it seems, I would suggest taking the gold serpent ring and farming the silver knights for awhile to see if they drop them then post the results
I've had drops at the silver knights outside Anor Londo, the ones with the greatbows


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you can buy them from Greirat after saving him from his 2nd trip out, or from the old lady by returning his ashes,
all the info you need to do either should be here:
How much are these anyway?
About 500 souls each I believe
Too *****ing much
Using dragonslayer greatbow, won't let me use dragonslayer great arrows. I have 32strength and 27 dex. Help?
Impossible, watch out for Ammunition Slot or the "Dragonrider Bow"
Where are the other locations of Greirats ashes?
If you send Greirat to Irithyll without telling Patches or giving Siegward his armor back, you will find his corpse in the sewer un the kitchen, guarded by sewer centipedes in the back left corner.

On his third expedition, he dies regardless. His ashes are found on a roof in Lothric Castle, after encountering the group of Corvians with the Corvian Storyteller (They're on a lower levelled roof, meaning you need to search for a drop down. It's a bit after going down the ladder on the rooftops.).
No where
Someone fix the picture of the greatarrow


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Thank you for pointing it out. Fixed.
So I managed to shoot an invader on a ladder (in the head as well) and didn't knock him off the ladder. Anyone know why?
Strength is 20 dex 60
Pretty sure you did damage to his health, not stamina.



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do these deal more damage to dragons? or would it be better to farm for the lightning version
Don't bother with the lightning arrows, they deal less damage against everything, even lightning weak enemies.
Easily pierces human flesh.
Easily pierces human flesh.