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By Anonymous
I finished "The Usurpation of Fire" ending but didn't get the achievement, please help
By Anonymous
Haha no
By Anonymous
True ending!
By Anonymous
Secret 5th Ending:
You, Gael and Patches, the last three sane humans piss on the flame and let it die along with all of Gwyn's dreams
By Anonymous
Gael wasn't sane at the end
By Anonymous
also known as the based ending
By Anonymous
That's a bruh moment
By Anonymous
Low key been wondering if the usurpation ending is the prelude to Elden Ring...
By Anonymous
a DS game that finally answers a lot of questions about the Age of Dark would be awesome
By Anonymous
Happy to notice anri lives as a hollow in the fourth ending (he/she shows up in the final cutscene kneeling with the other hollows).
Surprised that the marrying ritual was actually effective in the end.
By Anonymous
There should be a secret ending boss fight whereby firekeeper steal the 5 flames of the 5 lords as they are descending, thus starting the secret final boss fight!
By Anonymous
That would be funny
By Anonymous
Thank God it's finally over. Now I can go back to DS2 and have a good time
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
omg youre so cool i want to live the rest of my days by your side
By Anonymous
Yep compare ds2 to ds3 and always get downvoted its like you're trying to get downvoted on purpose lmao
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
very brave
By Anonymous
To be honest ds3 is just to easy In comparison to ds2
By Anonymous
Imagine comparing difficulties of the souls games.. Have you actually TRIED gitting gud?

PKCS gang
By Anonymous
So can I get the 5 free level ups from Yoel but still be able to get To Link The First Flame or The End Of Fire without healing my dark sigils?

I'm just making sure beforehand so that I don't have to end up shelling out over 1 million souls to avoid the Usurpation ending.
By Anonymous
Yeah I did the ending of fire my first playthrough and I got the 5 free levels
By Anonymous
To be honest, I kind of feel bad for the firekeeper in the 3rd ending. I went with that ending and when I saw that you *SPOILER ALERT* step on her head, it broke my heart. I absolutely loved the firekeeper and seeing myself betray her after all those things she did for me...
By Anonymous
Hey maybe she’s into it
By Anonymous
My interpretation is that this is the loop ending that makes you into another Soul of Cinder, firelink shrine becomes untended graves and the firekeeper will be dead with her eyes only waiting for the next version of you to pick them and repeat the same loop or try another ending (which also will derive in a different loop).
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