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By Anonymous
After two weeks of fighting the soul of cinder I don't care what ending I got. I'm just glad i can say I beat this unnecessarily hard game
By Anonymous
you must be a game journalist. git gud scrub
By Anonymous
Bruh boi. Its not that hard
By Anonymous
2 WEEKS JESUS CHRIST did you attempt him every 3 days?
By Anonymous
nice job mate!
By Anonymous
At least you beat him congratulations :)
By Anonymous
2 weeks my god.. ofc it's unnecesarrily hard from your perspective. For most of us it's a breath of fresh air in todays handholding game industry.
By Anonymous
100% bait
By Anonymous
but it is SO easy
By Anonymous
You should try namless king if you find her
By Anonymous
Given that the Dark Souls games apparently take place in a multiverse, all of the endings are canon. I never played two, but the Untended Graves in Dark Souls 3 could be the outcome of refusing to link the flame in Dark Souls 1. Incidentally, it is apparent that the fire is supposed to eventually fade, but that the cycle is unending. The great ocean that Aldritch dreamt about is most likely the coming of a new age of ancients, which would replenish the world and give a new flame kindling. It's essentially what happens in life: Something dies, it's body goes into the ground and provides nutrients to the soil, and new things are born from it. It is a perpetual cycle, but Gwynn keeping the flame going ate up all the nutrients, humanity, causing the world to decay. Now the cycle will be able to finish and restore the world.
By Anonymous
Untended Graves is a result of a champion (Gundyr) being late. It's a cycle before the one we play where (most likely) the End of Fire occured. Or To Link the First Flame/ Unkindled, but the Flange goes out on its own.
By Anonymous
So that's why i didn't get the End of Fire ending achievement cause when the firekeeper said kill me and snatch these eye at me so i killed her. damn.
By Anonymous
I finally got the 4th ending
By Anonymous
I told Anri where Horace is and still got Ending 4 btw.
By Anonymous
You can tell her so long as you kill horace. If you tell her and leave him alive, he will kill her.
By Anonymous
why is the 4th ending so complicated?
By Anonymous
It looks complicated but its actually not.

Basically you need to get free levels five times, talk to Anri on every spot, make sure you kill Horace first in Smouldering Lake before talking with her in Catacombs, and finally do the wedding ceremony behind the illusory wall before Anor Londo.
By Anonymous
Because it involves marriage :v
By Anonymous
That comment made my day XD
By ConcernedCitizen
It's actually less clear on how to STOP the process once you've initiated it. If you didn't know about the assassin (and how could you unless you randomly attack objects in every room you enter) then Anri dies and the quest progresses without you knowing that you had any ability to stop it.
By Anonymous
can you get the usurpation of fire ending and anri's straight sword in one playthrough?
By Anonymous
You can perform the wedding ceremony taking anris dark sigils and go back to where you killed her to pick it up
By Anonymous
Yes collecteble where the "wedding " was
By Anonymous
Yes collectible where the "wedding " was
By Anonymous
Why does "Betrayal Ending" link to this page, then the term "Betrayal Ending" is not used for any of these endings? Which one is the "Betrayal Ending"? Why link it here with that term and not the actual term used here to identify which ending it is?
By Anonymous
The one where you kill the fire keeper
By Anonymous
Is the one that you kill her before she snuffs the flame, hence you betrayed her
By Anonymous
you kinda stupid if you don't know witch one is the betrayal
By Anonymous
it's extinguishing the first flame, because Gwyn became a lord of cinder to keep the age of dark from happening just like all the other lords and you betray them by snuffing the flame instead of becoming a lord as well.
By Anonymous
Its the second ending, where you and the fire keeper carry out the grand betrayal
By Anonymous
Just my two cents but the Usurpation of Fire ending shows us that the curse has been broken seeing that the sun goes from red to white (perhaps humanity?) even the Unkindled ending where you steal the flame has a red ecylpse so its clearly that simply not rekindling turns the world dark but something regarding the dark sigils breaks the curse and through that ends the cycle, love to hear more but i doubt we'll ever get a conclusion.
By Anonymous
I don't know about "breaking the curse", but the protagonist certainly does something no-one else ever did. He consumes the (weak and faltering) First Flame itself, which gave birth to the Four Great Souls. He isn't even a god, since Gwyn is a god, and his soul came from the First Flame.
By Anonymous
So I can cure my hollowing through the velka statue but not through the firekeeper? This is accurate yeah?
By Anonymous
By using the Velka statue you heal your curse level - But by the firekeeper you'll remove yours Dark sigil
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