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great weapon after i got sick of my ice sword thingy shame it doesnt showup till very late game
I like it a lot, just wait till dlc to use it :)
The spear was not anywhere to be found in the area. I've looked about everywhere and videos show it being in plain sight either way. Don't know if I didnt do something in particular after fight the final boss of the area.
I did the same. Absolutely no item glow, I just interacted with the gate (for whatever reason. I think I was checking if I could open it) and got it.

***** glad I did too. It's skill makes dealing with knights near end game a breeze. If you do it right you can rack up about 1200 in one use. Varies with stats of course. (weapon damage was around 470 when I got those numbers)

Also makes me wonder how many other items are hidden like that. Must have been a bug or mistake.
I found it when trying to open a closed gate in the area. As you progress through there is a down gate and the path forward is to the right side. I did not see any item white ball just interacted with that gate and got the spear.
So we forgot who Ornstein was in DS2 but remembered in DS3?
DS3 is in DS1's world.
Seems to be the case with just about every mention of Dark Souls in this game. In Dark Souls 2, any reference to Dark Souls was unnamed, due to the names fading with time, but in this game (which is even further in the future), there are explicit references to Gwyn, Ornstein, Seath etc. And the one reference to Dark Souls 2 (lel) which is more recent in the timeline than Dark Souls, in unnamed. It seems to me like the A team just want to forget that Dark Souls 2 ever existed.
Which is pretty much what the majority of the Souls community wants as well. How convenient.
In DS2 timeline he was just another knight that succumbed to the Abyss and became corrupted, In DS3 he left the Cathedral and never fell to the chosen undead, I mean for all we know he died a week before we collect his armour. The beauty of Dark Souls lore.
Excellent PvP weapon, the rolling downward hit is especially handy. Quite a lot of tracking on it, catches people off guard a lot
By far my favorite weapon in this game, makes dealing with the snakemen in archdragon peak a breeze, and since its weapon art fires a bolt its good for punishing retreating players, also really good at breaking medium to small shield guards because of the weapon arts consecutive hits. Be careful though, its pretty easy to parry
With 40 STR/40 DEX/10 FTH, the Dragonslayer Spear has 514 AR (127 of that is lightning).
40 STR is a bad choice for it. Wasted points basically
needs nerf in PvP quick
Just parry it. Spears are quite predictable as they only have piercing attacks. The weapon art is really easy to avoid or even parry.
Either you:
1. stay far enough to stay out of range. Try to parry as they come to a distance they can hit from
2. out aggression those guys by staying in their face and denying the range of this weapon
It all depends on your weapon, and the hardest ones to use against all spears are the heaviest ones. if you use a heavy weapon, I'd recommend to have a backup straight or piercing sword, or go for parries when against a spear.
wtf bro. This weapon doesnt even make reposte 1onehit..
Spears' weapon art is the easiest thing to parry in the game, that and the damage isn't very high
git gud 'n' learn 2 parry
Ya the heavy attack has UGS level damage, fun weapon tho
every other weapon ive fought against (all of them)
felt fair compared to this weapon
its faster, longer, and harder hitting than anything else
had to use to to confirm my thought and sure enough its broken in PvP
git gud
Multiple other spears have the same reach and speed, but no split damage if I recall correctly. This weapon msot certainly does not need a nerf and would be utterly ruined if it were. The Pike and Lothric Long Spear seem to have the same attack spoed and range. (I did a quick test using a stopwatch multiple times) If anything needs some kind of nerf it would be the Dragonslayer Greataxe or Dark Sword, but then aghain the greataxe may just be a bit of salt from 3 shotting. The Dark Sword is simply OP.


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This guy needs to go back to Mario if he can't combat this thing...

Seriously though, get some skill.


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I'll give you something to complain about!
the weapon art on this totally murders The Nameless King's Dragon, if the full charge hits the dragon is open for a ripotse then charge again.
WHY IS THE FAITH SCALING SO *****TY? In my opinion they should nerf the base damage a little but add actual scaling with faith like souls 2 and souls 1.
Did he not have faith in the amazing chest ahead?
Try two handing then thrust attack
I would say ornstein was not a cleric. so no.