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should be the Thief's Mask image
No, This steel helm is part of the Deserter's Set. The Thief's Mask is part of the Black Leather Set. The Thief character starts with the Thief's Mask, and the rest of the Deserter's set.
Isn't the mask part of the black leather set?
Hmm...i'm refering to dark soul 2
Cannot get the chest piece to drop. Had double digits of everything else. Does it actually drop from enemies? Or is it thief starting class only?
I had the chest piece drop for me.
I have the same problem... can't get the enemies to drop the chest piece
I got 2 of them drop for me at the big bridge right before twin prince's boss room. Was farming for refined gems though.
chest piece is a **** to get drop but it's doable. I had a char I **** my stats up on get it immediately; while my char now had to farm 2 hours for it. Best spot is the Tower in Lothric, near the drake
Hollow soldiers before Lothric boss fight can drop pieces of this set, also it seems they wear gloves from Jailer Set. Couldn't manage drop them though.
i cant seem to get the knights in the high wall of lothric to drop it, and greirat isnt selling it, am i doing something wrong?


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Not dropped by the Knights, but by the Hollow Soldiers wearing it.
Is it just before the twin princes that it is dropped?
What makes you think that?
No, the soldiers on the High Wall, near Vordt's boss room and bonfire, should drop it as well. If they're wearing it, they drop it.
I got a few of them from farming the princes' run, but there's also video proof that you can get it on the High Wall. It's ep.3 of Prepare to Try on YouTube, around 21:30-22:00
I really like this armour, specifically the chest, hope they add a new and clean version in the DLC.
The Hollows leading up to the Twin Prince boss fight seem to be wearing cleaner, better armored variants of this. Can you obtain it?
Sadly no, but it might be possible at some point if people retexture/remodel it.
That's usually a "no". With the exception of the royal soldier set in DS2, I don't think there are any other sets that you can obtain twice in good fashion. The stone armor sets in DS1 don't count, because they don't even look the same, let's be real.


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For all those asking the same question : No, it is not only before the Twin Princes you can get the full set. You can also get it from the High Wall, the very first spot, from soldiers wearing helmets. Everything they wear and have equipped, except the spear, is droppable.
They drop the spear, too. It's just incredibly rare for some reason.
The Spear is Rare!? It drops more than the Set for me