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So far ive only come across the exile greatsword and it seems epic but the investment is a bit hectic, has anyone used any of the others and if so how do they compare?
The Old Wolf Curved Sword has been probably my favorite weapon period in the game. The weapon art is very fun to use in PvE and PvP. I also love the innate Hp regen and damage up on hitting
Agreed, there needs to be more benefit to using these high level investing weapons.
Loving the wolf one personally. Good running attack for punishing people who run away, nice wide swings, decent skill that doesn't leave you as open As spin to win
I have the exile greatsword +7 infused with hollow for my build and it is devastating, using the L2,R2 combo has been really good for me in PVP and the R1's both one-handed and two-handed are very satisfactory.
the murakumo stunlock from 1 sadly will never exist ever again
And it never should, with the amount of phanton range it has.


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I want the Gravelord Sword back
the curviest sword is your "sword"
you're probably the first person ever who's not anonymous
I'm pretty sure there are two other non anonymous people.
Which curved greatsword is best with a 40/40 quality build.
i think the exile (mine at +6 does ~420)
Refined exile plus 10 hitting at over 600 for me 1 handed. Str 57 dex 46
if you seek only "natural" AR the exile is the top curved greatsword, but he has small range, its heavy, and the old wolf curved sword can get easy +40-50 AR after 3-4 hits for 10-15 sec, notice the exile can have only 30-40 more AR than other
Pros: High damage, some of the highest hyper armors of all weapons, have weird parry times, hyper armor applies to running attacks, seem to benefit very highly from counter attacks.
Cons: Takes some high stamina, and have a longer duration for people to counter-hit you in
Summary: These have almost no counters, just go ham! Wooo
Counter to everything every weapon: a combination of at least 100hrs PVP experience, and half a functioning brain. PVP is a mindgame. If you think the any one weapon/weapon class is perfect, you've probably never seen copper ranking.
"If you think the any one weapon/weapon class is perfect"
I have hundreds of hours and have been PvPing since the release of DS1. Let me tell you, that is true. Wanna know what? Straight Swords. They are the absolute best and perfect weapon class. Try and argue with me against that fact.
"I have hundreds of hours and have been PvPing since the release of DS1. Let me tell you, that is true. Wanna know what? Straight Swords. They are the absolute best and perfect weapon class. Try and argue with me against that fact." ***** what? Curved Greatswords are the most OP weapon along with Splitleaf Greatsword, I have***** on every Straight Sword user with Curved GS and Splitleaf
A Straight Sword in hands of a reactionary player can***** on any CGS in a duel, because CGS are too slow, leaving user vulnerable for extended periods of time after their attacks. In group situations of invasions, A CGS user only has a chance against a SS user who has either his back tuned on first or is being staggered by someone third.
Unfortunately, defensive Straight Sword users can only suffer from others like them or defensive Curved Sword users.
Actually, no. CGS are, on a technical level, the most OP weapons in the game. Straight swords seem the best because they are the easiest to use, but they have a low skill ceiling.
i miss the gravelord sword ;(
Which cured GS has the most range? Have been using Exile lately, and it just doesn't seem to hit anyone unless up in their face.
the murakumo has the best range, the exile the lowest
Kumo: Range
Exile: Damage
But what is the curviest sword?
shotel lol
I would say that the Flamberge is the “curviest” sword due to its undulating blade. However, that is but my own humble opinion.
I like how they all have identical movesets. Really adds to the variation.
The haralds one handed second uncharged R2 actually has a slightly different animation, it’s more like a flick than swing, DAT VARIATION
Similar weapons are used similarly, who would have guessed? Now go have fun beating someone with a rapier and slicing someone with a club.