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Terrible drop rate... You can slay a horde of them multiple times and get nothing. Tedious bs honestly.
I got this full set with 14 luck after running through Undead Settlement maybe 3 times. Probably helped make the swamp less annoying; it had the highest poison resist in my inventory. Pretty hilarious considering this set has no shoes.
the poison resistance of this set is godly for the swamp area
That's awesome. I'm doing a farmer build. and I imagine that this set + the poisonbite ring will (hopefully) make it very hard for me to get poisoned. Poison is weak in DaS3 but it's still better not to get poisoned in the first place.
With the CGS ring +1, helm of avarice, Cystal Sage Rapier, and a copper coin, i had 382 item discovery. So from the dilapatated bridge bonfire, it took to about 15min to farm the whole set, including the pitch fork and wooden harmer, right in the area where the giant shoots his arrows.
Trousers for this set would look amazing without pantlegs. Sigh :/



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but what if the winky pokes out
This set plus the plow lets me roleplay as a peasant tired of the outdated imperialist dogma which perpetuates the economic and social differences in the Lothric society. He is hellbent to end the violence inherent in the system and self-perpetuating autocracy of the age of fire and establish an anarcho-syndicalist commune.
The Democratic People’s Very Democratic Republic of Democratic Lothric
Shut up! I order you to shut up!
Okay but who lives in that there castle?
I know it's a joke but any form of anarchism would fail harder and faster than the violent imperialist autocracy
It's almost harvesting season!
I don't know why but I feel like this armor set (at least the shirt) has two vaguely different colours. I've worn it for style with the Evangelist Helmet and it appears to be the normal dark grey/blackish colour that it is on the workers. However when I got this and equipped it on my other character the colour appeared to be a dark blue, and for some reason it's in stark contrast to the trousers which are the same as before.