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Anyone know how to use the specials on the staffs?
Same as any weapon skill
Switch to 2h usage, then (for PC) shift + right click attack
hold it two handed and hit the weapon power button L2 if PS4
The poison damage seems really low, but it lasts a massive amount of time. Great for larger enemies. Slowly whittles away their health and one application is likely to last the entire fight. Considering how nice this is I am really torn between this awesome special or another staff that has a higher spell buff.
then carry a staff for magic and this thing for its wa, its actually got an ok spellbuff despite being a bit low... i use this and hazel on my vile enchantress build...


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Reputation: 0're gonna get this weapon a lot whether you like it or not, since these same Corvians drop hollow gems with infuriating rarity.

That said, I can see it being useful since it comes with poison mist basically. Seems like a neat toy to try, when I work around my disdain for it since I have to sell so many of them.
"Infuriating rarity" I don't think i've poured a single point into luck (new at this *****, dun laugh ;-;) and I got it my first try :P
Its higher than my mist spell coming off my +7 pyro hand. I'm not sure if that matters but still, I thought at first they buffed poison damage. I wonder if the art scales off the staff?
Tried this out for my luck character (bleed build) I use spook/chameleon but I wanted to see how useful the poison art was.
Tested it on the caster mob near the Nameless King bonfire that summons Ricard the Naked.

+0 upgrade / 40 luck - 2 casts
+10 upgrade / 40 luck - 2 casts
+10 upgrade / 14 (base|Thief) luck - 2 casts

Seems to have it's own independent build up.
The spell buff is 100, not 60
..did not mean to clcik submit.. anyways...

The Heritic's Staff is showing up as 60 spell buff with this char missing 2 requiered int, while the wiki lists it at 115.

In conclusion, the ones submitting these values for these items 'base spell buff' are not taking into account they DO scale once you pass their stat requirements on scaled stats, and 'de-scale' if you do not meet all their requirements, and then when you do it may skew if it has dual scaling.
Mine goes up to 218 at +10 int:60/faith55
I'm quite sure the base minimum spell buff for catalysts is 100 as a whole, given you meet the stat requirements to use it, if you do not, even by 1 stat point it drops to 60.

I look at one of my new characters that has a plain Izalith staff it has just enough stats for - 100 spell buff, wiki has it listed at 130. Ther Heretic staff that is
All catalysts have a base 60 spell buff, the spell buff scales off of your stats (depending on the catalyst)
Actually it is 60, i'm looking at it in game right now. Granted, if you reinforce it, it could increase spell buff but base Storyteller's Staff is a 60 spell buff.
How well does this staff work against bosses? According to the wiki it did 54 dmg/sec on Pontiff and a previous comment stated that it last a massive amount of time. Does anyone know how long the spell last? To me it seems pretty OP just poison the boss then run away shooting great souls arrow at him.
Was able to use it against Wolnir on NG+ and dealt around 60 dmg/sec and nearly killed him in one appilaction. Did over 10k in total, all without activating him.


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I used it on Old Demon King and it did 24 dmg/sec and took out 99% of his life by itself with me just running around the arena.


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I believe it lasts longer than normal poison so on ng+ you could probably kill ODK in one application as it does more damage than normal poison and apparently toxic
Does the weapon art stack with regular poison?
You can have 1 poison and 1 toxin dot on a enemy. The staff count to poison.
I just tested it, and it does not. Toxic is fine though.
but a staff is a staff and so I'd like to know where it scales in the grand scheme of all the other staffs for spell-slinging.
It has a B scaling in int that becomes A with upgrading so it is viable, but for I just get 20 int,grab a great shield, get great magic shield and mix it with the staff, Great Magic shield mitigates all damage when used on a greatshield and removes stamina cost for blocking thus making most bosses a joke