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By mastamind82
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Trade with Picklepum The Crow for the Sunlight Shield.
By Anonymous
And become that much closer to being grossly incandescent!
By Anonymous
I've been farming the summoner (big fatty?) outside of the belfry bonfire and no dice. any and all help will be appreciated
By Anonymous
With an item discovery of 110, i got it in 6 tries. Keep hitting em, itll drop.
By Anonymous
Don't give up, skeleton!
By Anonymous
I just farmed two (one for trading). I used the ring and some rusted coins and got them after maybe a dozen runs. keep going!
By Anonymous
I got the staff thanks to your comment. Help me find what i was looking for. Thank you
By Anonymous
Summoner? As in a guy summoning dark spirits for a fight or certain type or comp enemy?
By Anonymous
thats sadly the only way i know of, i just did it myself thisway using the symbol of avarice and the golden tearstone ring,
By Anonymous
With item discovery 310 I farmed two of these at the belfry bonfire. The first one took 15 kills; the second took 6.
By Anonymous
it should be "Mendicant's Staff"
By Anonymous
took me 52 tries with 208 item discovery
By Anonymous
-Luck level 10-Symbol of Avarice-Both serpent rings-Shield of Want-16 Rusted Coins and 5 Rusdted golden coins-Around 350k souls obtainedIts finally mine.I did it for him \[T]/
By Anonymous
Forgot Crystal's Sage Rapier.
By Anonymous
Luck Level 96!!Serpent Ring3 Golden Coins and 5 RustedAnd after 20-50 Kills i got it. Only one(befor that i had 7 luck and did over 50-100 Kills and got non)
By Anonymous
Pick this up when doing my first run through peak, didn't even know what it was or its effect. Its not bad, this, shield of want, sliver serp ring, and symbol of avarice netted me like 230k souls of last boss. Good for farming souls.
By Anonymous
Anyone want to trade me this shield?
By Anonymous
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