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By Anonymous
So I farmed the manserpent at belfry 5 times and got 3 of these with 410 item discovery. Either I was super lucky or it's really not as rare you think.
By Anonymous
I like to farm these and give them to random people. I've given like 10 just today,
By Anonymous
Man could you give me one, I just started a 2nd pkay through since last I played was years ago and I can't get the dang thing
By Anonymous
marriage material
By Anonymous
Would mind if I got one?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Saint ahead
By Anonymous
Damn luckbased elements suck
If i was fan if this I have done better spending my time in a casino wasting my money than wasting my time and skipping work to farm this crap

Stop luckbased elements for people who cant skip their worthless jobs
Thank you
Praise the free time
By Anonymous
Nobody mentions that you have to have 18 intelligence for it to increase souls… You can’t just hold it. Horseshit.
By Anonymous
Not true just tested it on the thralls in grand archives. I only have 10 int and I got the bonus no problem. It works quite similarly to shield of want, you don't need the stats to get the bonuses.
By Anonymous
Got this on my very first attempt at grinding for it, before I even remembered to put on any grinding equipment.
…Of course, when I tried to get a second one to give to Pickle Pee, it took the Symbol of Avarice, the Crystal Sage’s Rapier, the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+3, Rusted Gold Coins, and countless tries. I was able to level up twice (120 and 121) from the souls I got just from that before I got another Mendicant’s Staff.
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By Zero__UwU
Had to kill the damn thing a thousand times, but I got it
By Anonymous
think the drop rate is pretty high ive gotten this pretty much every playthough without having to farm it, today two dropped in a row the first two times i killed the summoner guy after ancient wyvern (8 luck 0 item discovery items)
By Anonymous
Its 1%
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By SndRC9
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By Anonymous
Yes, you can farm multiple ones by the Dragonslayer Belfrey bonfire.
By Anonymous
Can this Staff drop twice per run? Is it possible?
By Anonymous
yup, just keep on killing those snake dudes
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