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By Anonymous
Do you gain more souls if you upgrade the staff?
By Anonymous
Sadly no
By Anonymous
When I learned how to get this, I popped on a gold serpent ring and used a rusted coin. I walked up behind the guy next to the nameless king, stabbed him, and stared in awe as I picked it up on my... first try. The rng gods have blessed me.
By ShanSanear
Encoureged by your comment I thought to myself - I will also try this! Got it at the second kill of the guy with only ring equipped. Sometimes RNG gods are seriously nice
By Anonymous
If the animation for your weapon is too long after the killing blow theres not enough time to switch sadly. Using the greatsword to kill silver knights in Anor and the frames are too strong to switch in time no matter how hard i spam it. Or the knights just die super hard. Works for regualr greatsword weapons but not ultra essentially. big sad
By Anonymous
I can recommend the Ascended Winged Knights trio in the Grand Archives rooftop. Their death animation time is ample enough for anyone to swap to the staff. They also offer the highest soul drops as mob enemies in the game.
By Anonymous
Tried with 20 rusted coins, item discovery at 396. Got about three kills in per coin. No luck.
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