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Stood up by the Ruins bonfire and she just kept attacking the wall from down below. Was entertaining for all of twenty seconds until she just kept doing it over and over.
Got invaded by her 2nd time in a swamp area around the last bonfire (before the doors you need to open by putting out 3 fires). She spawned on the right side of the swamp (looking at the doors) around the little island with estus soup on it very close to the giant monster ahead. She was invisible and hiding in swamp for a looong time until i approached her. First i shot her with arrows from afar but she didn't aggro to me. Was just hiding there, invisible. I got no drops when i killed her. Also killed her the first time she invaded in Road of Sacrifices.
While doing Rosaria's mini-quest, after finding out about her apparent fate, there was this slugworm-thing next to Rosaria's bonfire, that blocked the usage of said bonfire and dropped the Heysel Pick and Xanthous Crown when killed.
Is that worm Yellowfinger reborn, because of Rosaria, the Mother of Rebirth?
This was in NG+. Never did this quest in the first playthrough.
i killed her at Road of Sacrifices and she spawned as worm at Rosaris anyway. Got 2 pair of items
if i give a pale tongue in ng can i summon her as a phantom and gte deep without having to talk to rosaria in ng+?
I'm wondering this very thing myserlf, since I already messed up Sirris questlines in NG because of this...and now I might mess it up again if I wanna get Yellowfinger's gesture...Might have to just wait til NG++ for this....
If you run far enough you will never find him again cause he is invisble unless you are really close to him, and you cant quit game/use bonfire
In the Farron Keep encounter she had dropped roughly 10,000 souls in NG.
I had also encountered her in Road of Sacrifices, not sure what the soul drop was, but I do remember obtaining both the pick in the Xanthanous headpiece.
Had the worm appear having never killed Heysel and with 3 of 4 Lords down so appearance trigger remains a mystery I guess?
Appeared for me in Road of Sacrifices where it murdered me. Didn't even know you could summon her. Finished ALL bosses and am ready to move to another cycle and was picking stuff up. Her stuff was in Rosaria's room.