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saw mundane in dark souls 3 for a second haha
No reason?
cuz this wiki is shiit

I have all said. Armour bends. Nothing less, nothing more.
I don't see anyone using this weapons which is weird. Thrust is good and leo ring makes this deadly.
awesome weapon, loving it
this weapon is HOT
how can i activate the "one hit of hyper armor"? i dont get it, i'm always stunlocked :/
Use the weapon art.
You need around 25-30 poise to tank through small weapon hits. People are usually are using it on a 40 poise build.
thestat table is from dark souls 2
WTF this isn't Dark Souls 2 people!
This thing any good with a sharp refinement? I'd check the wiki, but apparently this page is 7-8 months behind schedule, what with it's mundanes and such. ;/