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I feel its lesser counterpart is superior if used with tower shields. The stability and absorption is smaller true but tower shields already have enough stability as is, plus the normal magic shield last twice as long.
Can I buff my left hand weapon with this? If so, the FUGS just got way better.
"Greatly reinforces left shield with magic."
Probably not, but if you have a sorc character lying around, slap FUGS on him and test it. If it works, may have to respec! If not, ooh well.
I know you can't, but you know how stupid this would be if you could put it on caestus? XD
of course it's stupid, why would you want it on something that literally cannot block? Wanting to casting this on a whip would be more reasonable since you can actually block with whips for some reason, which is stupid in and of itself to begin with.
When used with most Greatshields, this will make you have 100 stability (and you will not lose any health or stamina), very useful if you like tanking Ringed City archers (for some reason).
could be rather useful for fighting bosses in co-op. You can cast this and just stand there and tank the boss for 40 seconds, only having to dodge maybe 1 specific attack (grabs), while others DPS it down.


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skull ring for extra cheese, just gotta shield whack the boss sometimes so it doesn't completely lose intrest
Imagine if you could put this on the fume ultra greatsword (the non-shield weapon with the highest defense)
ledo's great hammer has higher physical absorption (though lower stability)
Imagine if you could also cast miracles and sorceries and quickstep with it.
"Imagine if you could also cast miracles and sorceries and quickstep with it." I laughed so hard. Imagine dual wielding a fume, parrying with one and riposting with the other.
Just a thought, do weapons with shield priercing (reapers, murky hand scythe, Shotel, shield splitter, etc.) Counter this spell? Surely GMS doesn't negate shield piercing... right?
I would assume so since shield piercing weapons that deal only physical damage can still damage opponents using a 100% physical resistance shield.
Just tested it out using the Wolf Knight Greatshield +5 literally any and all attacks were negated, shield splitter included
funny enough this makes a gotdamn spider shield be the best tool for blocking if you upgrade it
How is that funny? Spider shield is a good shield either way, because it has great stability for its low requirements.
If you use the pierce shield (has 65 stability on +10) with this you have a small shield that seriously can block a insanely have hit from yorm. Logics.
Funny you mention Yhorm, since this shield belongs to his best friend.
For parrying purposes, this is insane when paired with, surprisingly enough, the iron round shield. Highest stability small shield that can parry, 62 stability at lv10 so this spell gives it a whopping 97 stability. Turtle with the shield and this spell for a few hits until you get their attack rhythm right, then fish for an easy parry, all without losing almost any stamina no matter the weapon. Just make sure to use the lingering +2 to give you 45 seconds instead of 30. Bonus salty points for using the untrue dark ring which hides the visual effects of this spell. They won't have any *****ing idea why they can't break your guard. Hilarious.