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55 stability.


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55 + 35 = 90
Thirteen minus fitty- got damnnn fodey seven....
65... Or fodey sevens
Something I noticed when using this is that partial parries resulted in my taking 0% physical damage. I tested this with a non-reinforced grass crest shield while fighting Champion Gundyr. If I messed up the parry timing and got a partial parry, I'd still lose all the stamina I normally would, but I wouldn't take the partial damage. As such, it was less risky going for parries because I wouldn't get hurt from a partial parry.

I haven't tested this very extensively though, so it could depend on the particular shield, damage types, or enemy strength. I'm also if this effect of damage blocking on partial parries is intentional or not. I also didn't test this with the regular version of the spell to see if that one had some kind of similar effect.
This spell ups all absorption stats to 100. Partial parries count as blocks. This spell buffs stability by a set amount. What you should test is if a partial party using a shield that buffs to 100 stability takes stamina damage.
Grass Crest is at 50 not reinforced. A shield needs to be at 65 to hit 100 stability with this buff. I'm looking at Old Wolf with the lesser, but longer lasting version or something lighter with 65 stab for this one.


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There's a mistake in notes (atm): [quote]Shields with any non-physical infusion (such as Simple) can't be buffed with this spell.[/quote]

i can cast it on a Simple Twin Dragon Greatshield +6
I killed the corpse grub and didn't get the spell. Any idea why this happened?
Can this be counter by using bleed?
This Needs an update.

The spell Can buff all Simple and blessed shields too.

Does not prevent status buildup. Aka bleed, poison, toxic, frostbite

Possible glitch?

When I use the sorcery the actual effect doesn't appear on my shield but it is still active
Yup. Just saw one guy do it. ToD didn't appear on him either
If you are wearing something to change your appearance, like either of the Untrue rings, it also hides the effect of Magic Shield.
Must be the slumbering dragon ring
Does anybody know if this adds magic dmg to the shields?
I just tested it with the bone zone shield on the timekeeper and it went from 407 dmg to... 407 dmg. It unfortunately didnt increase at all. Now it's time to bow glitch a darkmoon blade on it and send everything to the bone zone
Costs 60 FP as of patch 1.13
Protip: Use Duel Charms, it makes it disappear on opponents.
Good luck hitting someone with that
Or yknow. Walk. It 39s at max and isn't the cheapest spell to spam.
Duel charms are cheap