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Pieces of ***** thats what they are


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These guys baffle me.
They hit like a truck and can quickly combo you to death. Their spin attacks even act like they're timed to land right when a roll ends.
They don't even need the frost effect, you'll be dead before the bar fills.
As a DEX player, the only strategy I can use is to doing a running attack, one more attack, and back away or risk death, and even that doesn't always work.
One of these things attacked me 17 times in a row, none stop. 17. TIMES. They're absolute BS!
I find using a katana's quick draw weapon art lowers my head right below their horizontal sweeping attacks. They also have surprisingly low poise
I legit stunlocked them to death with caestuses lol
I just use the bow, I shoot them and run when they are close or start doing a combo. Haven't died to them since I started doing this.
with darkrift i can stunlock them, but you have to catch them at the right time.
Easy to kill them with halabard. Heavy piercing attack. :D
Dark and fire seem to do a good amount of damage to them. I can usually chuck two black fire orbs at them before they can get close enough to attack, which is enough to kill them at 30/30.
i heard somewhere lightning does a fair bit to them not sure if true needs testing
Their armor's low lightning resistance agrees.
This may or may not qualify as cheesing them, but if you have the Farron Greatsword, you can initiate your sweeping attacks out of their range and stunlock them.

For ideal results, start off by facing them w/o targeting on, then do your first sweep attack. During the animation, lock on and do the second sweep. Then stop (they almost always dodge the third, delayed attack). Repeat.

This even works against multiple knights too, since you stunlock them all. Also, this further works against the shield-bearing knights as well, since your knife+sweep breaks their guard (not to mention that if you're locked on, your sweep comes from behind, and is thus unblockable).

Finally, if you're feeling ballsy, parry them for style points!
> This even works against multiple knights too, since you stunlock them all. Also, this further works against the shield-bearing knights as well

* This even works against multiple knights, since you stun lock them all. Also, this works against the shield bearing knights as well...

The redundancy -.-'
Seems to be fire resistant,
My fire bastard sword +4 (300 ish dmg) deal less damage than my old wolf great sword (250 ish total dmg)
From my (rather limited) experience, fire-infused weapons don't tend to do much damage unless they're scaled, but I've been hitting these guys with Great Chaos Fire Orb and they've gone down pretty easily.
Most broken enemies ever
I have no problem taking one on with the executioner greatsword. I can take down two at a time, but its risky. Any more than that and I get killed super quick...
Not really they are all about speed and damage, you can block the brunt of their attacks and dodge them easily enough. Ther advantages is their speed but they telegraph their swings so gotta get moving and beat them down.
there are several enemies like this that piss me off. quick damaging attacks with seemingly infinite stamina and absolutely zero attack openings if you use a slower weapon. learning enemy patterns is pointless if they never stop attacking long enough to take advantage of it. fairly easy for dex builds, but some of the most annoying encounters in the game for str builds cus of the lack of poise your character has. the only way to beat them, and those huge greatsword knights on top of the cathedral, is to use a poise boosting weapon. and i dont like when a game like souls forces you to play a certain way even though youve spent the whole time building a different style of play
You know, i've found that there is just something really special and fulfilling about beating them down with their own weapon... Feels good man. *insert pepe meme here*

But all in all, yeah they are the bane of most great weapons due to their fast consecutive hits being able to even pull you out of a hyper-armoured state, and heavier weapons not being able to stunlock them as effectively, because they are really weak to stunlocks xD


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Darkdrift or Shotel for shield and pyromancies for scythe and dual scimitar both
the normal swing into magic sword attack that does considerable dmg