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Irityll of the valley has been a huge, never -ending boss battle for me up till now....grrrr
immune to Rapport. Wondrously weak to Dark.
For some reason, the one that is located in the distant manor leading to the Irithyll Dungeon is much much more aggressive.
Roll toward them and to their right (your left) to avoid most of their attacks.
This page is largely decent, but it contains an error. The shieldless curved sword variant only has one sword, not two. Their offhand is empty.
This is not true, they take out their secondary shield for certain attacks.
the swordsman are laughable easy to parry with the caestus. bait the shield knights by hitting their shield, then immediately parry their next attack. not one of the most reliable strategies, but it worked for me.
They are an absolute joke quickstep first swing then hit them 4-5 times with the dagger and they die. Thyre easily stun locked. Why does no one use daggers? Still useing my bandits dagger and wrecking everything
Because daggers are weak and have tiny *** range?
I use daggers sometimes. Quickstep is low key the best WA in the game.
Pontiff sucks at training his knights.
The R1-spam master race
Dark hand easy mode here xD