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these are sooo annoying.
Slumbering dragon ring, lingering dragon and along with hidden body spell is very effective when fighting these enemies.

The best projectile magic I use and/or recommend is Great Deep Soul or Deep Soul due to its fast cast and low FB cost.

While invisible, cast either one of the orbs until the foe goes down. Be sure to have the daughter of chaos staff (cannot spell it's true name) due to its dark aliment.

Cation - Don't get too close, keep a great distance at all times or else they will figure where you are and your cover will be blown until you or it dies.

Great Heavy Soul arrow is also great but the time to cast it is too long in my opinion. If you have a maxed out Court Sorcerers staff then happy hunting! You will one shot them each time.


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Their initial sword swing has a bit of a delay which you can use to hit them and score a stagger, you should be able to finish them with a couple more hits as they stagger quite easily.
Also their ranged attack takes a while to come out so you can goad them into using that and then dodge it while rushing them to take them out safely



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Also drops the Pontiff Knight Gauntlets. Had them drop 5/13/16
They are relatively easy to backstab if you have a weapon with quickstep. Especially when they do their sword slash thing where they hit the ground over and over again. Then just bash them while they are in stun lock until they are done for.
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They are really easy to parry.
They have been the easiest kinds of enemy knights in the game. They stagger very easily and pyromancy also seems to do quite some damage.
Agreed. At first they seemed to be bad for STR builds to take down, then I remembered the fastest strength weapon I know of, and pummeled them to death with Demon Fists. It makes them downright trivial -- they feel like trash enemies, not knights.
lothric knight
These guys are way easier for me than lothric knights. They do have longer combos than their lothric counterparts, but I could never stagger-lock the lothric ones to death like I can with the Pontiffs.
on NG+ they drop 2700 souls


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On ng+2 they drop 2971 Souls