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By Anonymous
Easily the most annoying creatures to be fought in this game.
By Anonymous
If you ignore dogs.
By Anonymous
Hardly, they're easy as hell. Giant Crabs are the correct answer.
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By Zethras
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Are you forgetting about Irithyll Jailers?
By Anonymous
Dogs are so easy. These little buggers gang up like it's happy hour and you're the special.
By Anonymous
Nobody cares.
By Anonymous
Seem to be a lot of them in DS3, not that i'm complaining. Amazing manga.
By Anonymous
They drop the Thrall Axe.
By Anonymous
The flamberge wielders seem to be able to track you for days with that overhead before actually attacking
By Anonymous
Roll to the back and backstab or combo. Easy.
By Anonymous
They can be parried with the head down attack
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Doing a cosplay, brb.
By Anonymous
Now that is a terrifying cosplay. Just get like six of your friends to also cosplay with you and it'll be accurate.
By Anonymous
It looks like the flamberge ones cant be rapported.
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