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By Anonymous
Could this be a reference to crestfallen Sualden and his spiritual ancestor?
By Anonymous
This gives 10,000 souls when used but can be sold to a vendor for 20,000 souls. Try it!
By Anonymous
What is a vendor?
By Anonymous
they patch the extra souls.
By Anonymous
can u grind these anywhere?
By Anonymous
in the ringed city's marsh, there are mantis-like mobs that can drop these aswell as other lower-tier souls
good farming method when u have avarice symbol, ring of item drop, and that sword that boost item discovery aswell (u also can get the serpent ring for item discovery but +3 in this dlc, i dunno if it stacks with the normal one but it seems like it does)

also, there's a mantis guy next to a bonfire at some point, rinse and repeat works great here
By Anonymous
20,000 souls not 10,000
By Anonymous
nope, 10k, 20k is the LARGE soul of a Crestfallen knight
By Anonymous
In DS1 it was a proud knight but now he's a crestfallen knight. Sad.