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i would like to know do i keep the other upgrades if i give him a different coal?
Well he does keep the other coals... so ya
You can completely avoid the knight by steal walking to the right
Since the previous set of notes was lacking, 'way harder' being the trigger for me, I decided to take it upon myself to explain why the Black Knight, who was allegedly 'way harder', is a serious threat. I also gave some insight as to what should be done to thoroughly mop the forest floor with his face.
Head up to the platform on the right and you can snipe him with arrows or sorceries. He'll get mad and come towards you, but if you stay still he won't come all the way up. He'll turn around and go back to his original position. Rinse and repeat.
He was a pain, but not too bad. In the notes, at the end, it says " Alternatively, parrying works, just as it does with the Lothric Knights" I may have been a little eye weary, but the first time I read that I swear it said " Alternatively, PRAYING works, just as it does with the Lothric Knights".
It's a greatsword Blackknight so he's got some good range. Just so you know.
yeah, i thought i had put enough space between us... i was wrong.
It's a black knight. The notes mention him as a darkwraith.
No it doesn't, it says there are duel Dark Wraiths and after them is the Black Knight.
If you feel like being a tricky ***** and you've killed the two Exile Knights (the club and curved greatsword guys): Run past the Black Knight, grab the Farron Coal, and then lure the Black Knight to the ladder after the Exile Knights. Get on the very first part of the ladder (Just press A to climb, don't go down at all), and the Black Knight will attempt to attack you but will fall to his death in the process. You'll need to be able to take at least one hit from the Black Knight, but most builds will be able to.
He's not hard roll to his left and behind him as he attacks get a couple strikes in or a backstab, rinse and repeat.