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If someone invade my world, can i use this to cancel out his invasion?
What r u casul?
Can u reverse this effect, my friend and I can't play together now because we did it by accident without knowing it would make it so we can't play together
Ignore the others. It shouldn't prevent you two from playing together entrely. Have you tried using the password matchmaking?
Use the way of the white circlet to restore online capabilities. But you're only allowed one use per character. Basically a get out of jail free card when you get banned from online.
Use the white way circlet item, but it's a one time use only item.
Unknown if getting the first notification will add an flag to your account that makes it easier to get it again in the future. As so far my average 30 disconnects with the item has been done by only one other person and they've already received the message prompt before hand like I did before testing.

So if someone wants to possibly risk their account for others that hasn't been penalized yet for leaving too many sessions, it would be greatly appreciated. (Use a new character as you lose the only circlet they give you, and its still unknown how to obtain more.)
I decided to test this after a friend pointed this out to me.

I invaded for an hour straight and reached 70 invasions, leaving each one with the black crystal, I then restarted my game and no message appeared for me, this was on a new character also and I hadn't been flagged for disconnecting before.

So this could possibly be a measure against people who are flagged for disconnecting in the first place. As I more then doubled your estimated odds and no message appeared.

That being said, I could continue going to see if i ever get the message, but It's safe to say that atleast for now if you're not flagged you're safe.

Since I can't directly reply to you, it does appear the global account does seem to have some flag to it. I've attempted to find how the points are saved by doing an full scan of the players table while in-game and while I able to easily see the values of HP,FP,ST,Stats,X,Y,Z,Soullevel,Souls,SoulMemory(it does exist in DS3 it seems) I was unable to find the penalty points.

I'm assuming at this point it's being stored on their servers somehow and flags the characters of the players who do this when they connect online and triggers the prompt. So at this point them flagging accounts would be the most likely thing that is happening.

I've seen them an email and see if they'll respond to how the disconnection system works and hopefully get a response by someone.
Is there some sort of way to refresh this? Do you have to use it 30 times in day? It's really unclear, unless it just means 30 in total with an unlimited time span.
It was done 30 times in a row and I did those 30 times usually in 35-40 minutes. I truly have no idea on how the system works and I've already emailed them and hopefully they'll clear things up as it appears the majority of this may be on their own servers.
To get banned, white kind of session did you BSC from? Invading, white phantom, sending summons home? There are a lot of variables that are unclear.
It's probably if you summon someone, you'd be trolling them to waste their time whereas if you BC when you invade you've only really wasted your own time.
I removed all the information about the phony "Black Separation Bans".

This thread has video evidence as the very last post in it showing a host that has over 50 BSC uses with no soft ban, unless video evidence to the contrary can be provided it should be treated as just some salty lie told be an angry host.
ifya summen red signs "mothing to banish" blabla...


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It's for phantoms, you scrub
No, they are not.
Nope, if you see blues getting summoned run to the end of the level and wait. Then leave right as they get to you.

Best way to combat gank squads.
When you see the scrub host has three high level gank bros and two blue sentinels pop, this is their reward for being casul.
Whoever downvoted is a scrub host with 5 buttbuddies
Those who downvote are *****ing filthy casul gankers
At high level it's a tricky situation. At low level (like 25 in the forest with a +2 weapon), take your Raw Dragonslayer Axe +2, slap a lighting resin, go unlocked and slay all that. It's sooo delightful to spank ganks and make hundreds of thousands of souls from leveled down phantoms :)