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By Anonymous
I think this timeline is Orbeck's Lord of Hollows timeline. It just makes sense with an (implied) firekeeper using sorceries, as well as Gundyr still being alive, despite the coiled sword not being in his chest anymore (orbecks robes mention that his specific black attire means he's a specialist in stealth magic, meaning he took the sword and hid himself from gundyr to proceed, since we're not alive to kill him). The whole area being behind Oceiros, who's obsessed with becoming a dragon. Orbeck came from the dragon school of Vinheim. Another weird connection: Orbeck being impliedly specialzed in stealth is very weird considering Oceiros was obsessed with his invisible baby, Ocelotte. Might be that Orbeck is Oceiros's missing son.
By Anonymous
Don’t know if anyone noticed this before but if you go to the giant tree at the start of the game it says “the seed of the giant tree is yet to fall”. If you go to the same spot in untended graves version of the Firelink shrine then you find the seed, indicating that it’s in the future.
By Anonymous
So a seed actually has a chance to spawn every time are invaded (by both other players or NPCs). The wiki says the formula is "10% chance to spawn when invaded. Increases by 10% each time until maxing at 50%. Resets to 10% when obtained." So you finding a seed there at the Untended Graves has nothing to do with the timeline but instead with how often you have been invaded.
By Anonymous
I think this place is neither the past or future because when the First Flame fades time itself gets all messed up. If you avoid talking to the Handmaiden until AFTER you visit the Dark Shrine she will say, "Oh thou'rt... Oh no. 'tis'nt anything, Ashen One" implying that she remembers you from the encounter at the Dark Shrine. Ludleth also mentions the dead Fire Keeper that you found the eyes on and says "We did everything we could to spare her from them." Yet the entire concept of this place seems to be showing you what will happen if you let the fire fade. I also don't understand why the world is permanently dark without the First Flame even though there should still be a sun in the sky. But whatever... I love these games.
By Anonymous
It took me a while to figure out what it was about this place that unnerved me so much, and then it finally hit me. It's so quiet. No Andre working his anvil, no ambient music, no crackling of a bonfire. Just your footsteps and the wind. Even the hollows and knights you face seem quieter here compared to the rest of the game. It's just... Nothing. Dark. Quiet. Empty. But still so familiar.
I get goosebumps every time I visit it. It's like I'm not supposed to be there.
By Anonymous
It gave me the same feeling as walking through my school as at night when mostly everyone was gone did when I was younger.
By Anonymous
Equip the ring that silences your footsteps and then all you have is the wind
By Anonymous
If you died here, then transport to Cemetery of Ash, you will find your souls on the same spot in that alternative reality. This is usefull to recover your souls and add info to lore, once it proves that the two realities coexist.
By Anonymous
Does putting the heads of the Lords work in this shrine?
By Anonymous
Sadly no.
By Anonymous
I just realized that the Illusory wall by Pickle Pee is not there if you already opened it in normal firelink shrine, that's interesting.
By Anonymous
the chest loot is also there if you haven't opened it in normal firelink
By Anonymous
I love how all over Dark souls forums people talk about how certain character are lorewise dead. As if they didn't listen to solaire in ds1 say that time is convoluted and how he and I simply phase in and out of time. etc etc. Basically if your boy is dead. He only dead in yo world But he aint necessarily dead in others.
By Anonymous
Ok nerd lol
By Anonymous
Honestly, coolest area in the game.
By Anonymous
you can get to eyes of a firekeeper via an illlusory wall on the main level where the coiled sword fragment is (:
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