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Please someone figure out exactly how bleed works to inflict, stacking speed, what base percentage etc
Just tried Blood Manikin Claws and Carthus Rouge on the Bandit dagger. The dagger bled significantly easier
does a bleeding weapon scale at all?



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bleeding itself scales because it is % dmg meaning its always good
Just a list of what I've seen so far on bleed, just for the record:

* Proc rate either scales with the stat listed on the weapon, on an invisible scale, or both. Tested with two different Bandit's Knives, one with a stat of 50, another with a stat of 39. Proc rates differed.

* Damage is tied to bleed stat. Bleed damage on saw guys in Undead Settlement with a 50 bleed weapon (assuming the total damage is bleed damage + weapon damage) is 336. This was done with a +10 Bleed Bandit's Knife with 9 STR, 13 DEX, 53 LUK. In comparison, a +7 Bandit's Knife deals 213 with 39 bleed. Note that the +7's physical is higher than the Bleed variety, thus there seems to be no relationship with physical damage and bleed damage (save the additional damage from a swing if that damage is taken into account (assuming yes)).

* Bleed damage does seem to be tied to a percentage to an extent. To what extent I don't know. Bleed damage to a late-game enemy with the same +10 Bleed Bandit's Knife was 474.

* Bleed damage is NOT the exact bleed stat listed on the weapon. You do not do 50% damage with a 50 bleed weapon.
Well, I sort of do have an idea anyway. The scaling does not seem to be that heavy, but admittedly its understandable if its how I think it works. The LUK stat does increase the Poison/Bleed stat, which means it increases proc rate and it increases damage. To clarify on the damage, I think that it does do the % damage that is listed on the weapon, but certain equipment/armor resist some of it. For example, a bleed knife is not going to take out 50% of a Boss' health, and it does not take out 50% off of several enemies' lifebar (example would be Lothric Knights in Lothric Castle). Note that the Bandit's Knife is about a 36 on Bleed at first, to my recollection, yet with my pure LUK build and it being at +10 and infused with Bleed, its 50.
No idea on damage rates with luck. I need to respec for it and currently I'm running a rather bad build, so the chances of me killing anyone in PvP isn't that great. I plan to make more attempts soon to get the ring and respec two more times to test that.
Do you know if the bleed proc scales with luck or dex? I know luck makes it build up faster, but do you know if the amount of damage done is also more, with higher luck?
I'm using a Spiked Mace +10. Stats are 40 str and 40 Luck. Before i had 40 luck the mace displayed 33 Bleed. With 40 Luck it displays 36.
A heavy spiked mace has an A str scaling and does 510 Dmg. A blood spiked Mace Does 375 Dmg, and shows 46 bleed on a 40 Luck build. But now since its a Blood weapon, i cant enchant it with Carthus Rouge. I have tested it in some duels:
At 40 str, 40 luck. A Heavy Spiked Mace +10, enchanted with Cathus rouge can bleed a target within 5 to 7 Strikes.
Ever since i have changed to the blood gem. I haven't been able to bleed out my targets. As mentioned before, i cant even enchant the ***** thing. Still haven't tested if when i respect to drop all Luck to its base, how will my bleed drop. Again at 11 Luck the weapon shows 33 and at 40 Luck it shows 36 bleed. 10% at best, doesn't seem a lot at all. So far Bleed has been very dissapoimnting for me.
So i have tested out a Basic Luck build (warrior starts with 11) Bleed on Heavy Spiked Mace dropped from 36 to 33 again and so i did some duels. I no longer trigger a bleed at 5-7 hits, in fact i might as well not have any bleed, cous if i did manage to triger it it was on some very long fights including healing. So again At Luck 40, an Carthus Rouge enchanted Heavy Spiked Mace will bleed a target at 5-7 hits, mostly. Here is where my testing for bleed wil end as i am making a new character :P.
I've been using the Barbed Straight Sword and the Thorns armor set in PvP and i keep attacking and attacking but it seems that i can never pull of the bleed itself, why is that?... I mean i'm stayed around level 20 on this character that i made for pvp, so resistances shouldn't be that high. Or am i just doing it wrong?
hi there! as someone rocking a +10 barbed sword atm (experimenting with infusions) I can say that especially in PvP it is hard to get a tick off. the basedamage might be nice but coupled with the short reach of it you simply won't get sufficient hits through to stack up. it's sad really bc I love the Barbed set since Kirk in DS1
Bleed stacks on the target based on the bleed stat for your weapon. My bloody caestus has a bleed stat of 40, so it applies 40 stacks of bleed with every punch. This is mitigated by the enemy's bleed resistance. Bleed stacks also wear off rather quickly. Once the enemy has full bleed stacks on them, they hemmorage for a ton of burst damage. Fast dual-wielding weapons stack the bleed quickly. Slow weapons won't cut the mustard. Some of you aren't getting the bleed effect because things like the barbed sword are just too slow to pull it off. Your luck stat also increases the rate at which your attacks apply bleed and poison.

I can't give exact numbers for all this stuff since i'm not willing to spend a ton of hours experimenting with it. Basically, use bleed weapons for enemies with tons of health, like bosses.
WRONG. In 3 bleed rate is based on weapon type. The 40 you see on stats is how much health it will take when the meter fills
Judging by the comments it seems that an uninfused/buffable weapon with bleed being buffed by carthus rouge is better than a bleed infused weapon, i'm assuming this is because the carthus rouge adds far more to the bleed stat than an infusion can.
If the arson doesn't innately have bleed then infusion is good. It's bad on a arson that has it, it doesn't increase bleed, it takes it to a certain level. A bless weapon with 33 only fired top 25 with infusion
I forgot about the carthus rouge. I'll test it out when i get the chance.

I doubt that bleed will work too well in pvp considering how easy it is for people to roll away from eachother and dance around for a minute while both fighters regen stamina. It would depend on how quickly the bleed stacks degrade, I guess.