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Does the Knight in the Road of Sacrifices drop anything?
yes i got Black Knight Armour from him
I killed the one in Farron's Walls first time and got his greatsword and sheild at the same time! D-D-Double drop! Also I only had 13 luck at the time. He does drop all the pecies and respawns almost indefinatly I've killed him over 30 times now he's still there.
The road of Sacrifices is a harsh one he has killed many poor souls, I have not obtained any drops from him yet.
Yes got whole set from the one at Road of Sacrifices
The knight in the RoSs does drop his gear, Got the weapons shield and armor. Been getting copyes of the gear and no helm >~< BK is being stingy and clingu with that helmet.
I had the shield from him. But after 10 runs he did not dropped anything else...
I am maybe on my 15th kill now, and I have full set + shield except Helm and the weapons
@ Yes, I have seen him drop his pants once. The drop rates seem to be very infrequent, however, as i have done about 10 runs with 14 luck and a Crystal Sage's Rapier and gotten his pants, but nothing else so far.
@ I too have gotten his leggings. I also got the armor (chestpiece) and the greatsword. Mind you this is with a lot of runs, somewhere around 50-60
He drops his entire set, helm, armour, leggings, gloves, shield and greatsword. Can also drop an Ember. I farmed with over 200 item find and it took me about 20 runs.
largely depends on your luck. I have 110 item find and got chestpiece, greatsword and gauntlets in 2 runs
although, i have to add, killing him is a different matter whatsoever. 1st try success, then for second had to die like 10 times
I know there is the one at smoldering lakes, the actual black knight sword, but has anyone seen a black knight with the regular black knight sword? All I have seen is Great Axe and Greatsword wielders.
The black knight sword is a drop from a corpse, no black knight uses it for some reason
Must of killed Champion Gundyr. Must of killed Champion, Must of killed, Must of.

It's Must have mate, not must of
Yes mein fuhrer
Farmed last night a ton, just saw this guy as a fun challenge and a possible extra reward at the end of the soul farm, but he dropped five BK Shields in a row for me. feelsbadman.
I've been farming the Black Knight in the Road of Sacrifices for a while now. I'm using the symbol of Averice and got a Item Discovery of 210. Now i've killed him about 10 times in a row and he hasn't dropped anything since then. I got his whole set twice (except the shield, which is the only thing I want....)

Does it stop dropping stuff after some time?
Yeah I just had alot of bad luck. After like 20 times without him dropping anything I got another part of his set and about 10 more kills and I got the shield.
I don't think you can get the shield from that guy
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Trades for the shield. Send me a message online
Doodle are you on the xbone? I GOT SHIELDS FOR ARMORS
***** the shield was one of the first things i got
im farming for like more than a hour i think now and got everything except the sword and helm, i just want the helm
plus i got double items
(id 110 here)
You definitely can I got two from him after
About 15 runs.
I invaded some in the smoldering lake and a black knight killed me while no other enemy tried to attack, I think they attack dark spirits too now
oops i didn't read it right. So that just sucks
The host probably used seed of a giant tree which makes enemies attack you too.