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By Anonymous
I normally never kill NPCs, but I can make an exception for this guy. RIP Gwyndolin ;;
By Anonymous
He is already dead.
By Anonymous
Aldrich killed gwyndolin
By Anonymous
Heh good luck talking to this guy... you will have to take on 2 of those insane crocodile monsters to get to him.
By Anonymous
Than i saw two crocodile monster... walk away and never back to that ***** hole.
By ProfHojo
Slide down the ladder and shoot the croc that you can see with a bow to agro it and climb the ladder a little ways up. Wait for enemy to move under the ladder and when its under you let go of ladder and do a plunging attack. Roll around it until you have an opening to climb ladder again and reapeat until its dead. Do ssame wither other one. Silvercat Ring helps a bunch for not taking falling damage.
By Anonymous
Easy enough to bait the one on the left into that little nook and kill, if you bait the far one and fight him you will pull the other during your fight if youre not careful
By Anonymous
required ahead-me, in my message to anyone wanting to fight those two dogs.
By n-e-1
Simply los the two behind the pillars and just poke them. I used a great hammer to smack their face then when they fell back Critical Attack them.
By Anonymous
Just fight them 1 at a time, they dont respawn, so as you got down the ladder. shot one of them with bow, it will aggro at you, as long as you wont leave the corner with ladder, the 2nd one won't notice you
By Anonymous
What does he give you in exchange for the offerings
By Anonymous
s u c c
By Anonymous
The wiki page shows it 10 greater deep soul 30 Great staff
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