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By Damnation87
One of the best Spears for Faith builds in the game. Wieghs much less than D.S.S and D.S S.S. Buffable/Infuseble, favors Lightning, Chaos and Dark. Also has 350 AR around 50 Faith with Min Dex/Str. I'd have infused it but I like to swap between Buffs. I imagine this'll really shine in NG+ Refined or Hollow. I've got 40 Dex, 50 Faith. Str and then Luck is next. I play in my free time, I'll post when I get around too it
By Anonymous
stop speaking in tongues what the hell is a DSS and DSSS
By Anonymous
pretty sure he means Dragonslayer spear and dragonslayer swordspear
By Anonymous
dark and chaos infusions both have a good chance of being powerful with only faith investment, alongside lightning, giving you options.
By Anonymous
I have 12/12/60 str dex and faith respectively, I infuse the saint bident with a dark gem and it hits for 476 AR, pairing that with a lightning longsword that hits for 458 AR you can now have 2 weapons with different elemental damage for Faith, Lightning Saint Bident has 504 AR but we all know that dark is better for PvP
By Anonymous
Such a weak, WEAK weapon. Without any buffs this thing does less than 200 DMG to online players, 250-300 with no armour and around 400 MAYBE for those wearing clutch rings and other weakening rings and buffs.
By Anonymous
Ever consider you're just garbage tier at the game? This thing does decent damage after its scaling buff, and it shines when you have a smart reactive playstyle constantly out spacing everything your opponent does. Its not meant to be one of the biggus *****us muh damage is bigger than yours weapons.
By Anonymous
It's meant to be used infused. It has an B scaling in faith when infused with a dark gem, and dark is one of the most prominent damages in pvp. At level 60 with 30 faith you can easily have 300+ damage in between the scaling buffs of base damage and dark. If you think that this weapon is bad, you probably aren't playing with it correctly.
By Anonymous
Reinforced obviously but that's a given
By Anonymous
Surest sign of someone who has no idea what they're talking about is when they judge the merits of a weapon solely off the damage per hit.
By Anonymous
Hey kill yourself trash
By Anonymous
When i looked at Chaos Bident +4 It´s scaling was E E D B not E E D D need to be changed^^
By Anonymous
yes this page needs a update ii am loking at a +4 blessed bident and it says D E - A instead of a +10 with D E - B
By Anonymous
Anyone willing to give one to me? I would really appreciate it . Xbox gamertag is. x snypes 38 x
By Anonymous
You can find it very early game
By Anonymous
Of course it's an xbox player
By Anonymous
Anon from April, At least Xbox players don’t have to sit 3 feet from the screen so the cord can actually reach. I’m laughing in comfort sitting on my recliner across the room.
By Anonymous
I, too, enjoy responding to year-old posts on dead wikis to tell another 3rd grader that my console is better.
By Anonymous
God I love plastic box
By Anonymous
this weapon when infused with lightning has a reverse damage cap starting at around 70 faith. the damage per point ramps up for each point put in after up to 99.
By Anonymous
Interestesting, it might be because lightning infusion receives double the faith scaling due to having two damage types that scale with faith.
By Anonymous
Saint Bidet
By Anonymous
Damnit I actually laughed at that
By Anonymous
40/40 dex/faith, DMB, Leo Ring = hello, Gargoyle Spear 2.0
By Anonymous
Can confirm: Lightning infusion retains physical damage scaling. At 12/12/50 str/dex/fth, it has nearly equal amounts of scaling in lightning and physical. The only difference being the base dex and str increase the physical scaling a touch, but it’s a drop in the pond at +10.
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