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By Anonymous
where is High Wall of Lothric; Abandoned Tomb?I finished game but didn;t find it
By Anonymous
Then you must missed some Mimic, this will drop 100% on the last mimic in the game when you killed it, if all the mimic before it didn't drop. Highwall is the first map after you get to firelink at beginning of game. the mimic is in the tower lower level, where dragon breathing fire.
By Anonymous
It's the small room just underneath where the dragon initially appears.
By Anonymous
Got this from the mimic that gives you the Deep Axe in the High Wall of Lothric. I asked around and I guess I just got devilishly lucky with this drop.
By Anonymous
According to a few YouTube videos, it is a very rare drop from mimics so I'm guessing use lucky coins and/or jack up your luck and keep it high until you farm one. Then, relocate the points at the worm lady.
By Anonymous
I was sitting in the bonfire with it on after a session of farming and it kills you while you sit in the bonfire. SO take it off before you sit down with it.
By Anonymous
I got one from the mimic in the basement of the catacombs after you climb down the suspension bridge and fight the fire demon. It drains your life very quickly, is there a ring or something I can wear to counteract that?
By Anonymous
The ring you get from the chamber above the Aldrich boss fight will help. Using a Talisman with Gentle Prayer (another source of regen) might stifle you if you aren't a faith user, but it can be great if you use regen miracles and offensive ones like Lightning Spear.
By Anonymous
Perhaps try miracles like replenishment and the bountiful light/sunlight.
By Anonymous
It seems like if you get all the mimics you will get it if no one dropped it but i dont know if i missed some or if you have to do anything more cuz i have all the mimics that are on the pages but no symbol so if anyone knows anything tell me pls
By Anonymous
Check the place where you killed the last mimic. I got killed from something else and when i went back it was where the mimic was before
By Anonymous
I got this from the very first mimic I found at the start of the game with the Axe. I'm guessing I was just very lucky lol.
By Anonymous
I have no clue of where is the mimic im missing ive killed all that appear in all the guides and still no symbol XD
By Anonymous
It can drop if you throw undead hunter charms on it
By Anonymous
How do you "throw" items?
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