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By Anonymous
I’m new to this game and the souls series in general, and reading some of the replies about how you only get 15 slabs per playthrough so getting rid of this is worth it, I’ve got to ask: you guys have that many weapons you like using enough to fully upgrade? I only have 3 and 1 shield that I even keep in my inventory, one of which being the Crystal Sage Rapier that I only have for farming. I am only at Farron Keep, but I’ve looked up the movesets for pretty much everything and the only other thing I can see myself getting is the Farron Greatsword. That’s only 4 slabs used.

Guess it’s cuz I’m kinda early game still and I don’t like having to restock bones, but it doesn’t really seem worth it to me to get rid of this. You can just get another in ng+ to trade anyway and just keep the first.
By Anonymous
I used to do the same thing: i would leave most items in my storage box and limit the few i have in my inventory. It makes it easier to search for an item that way. However
, it’s ultimately fun being able to swap between different builds and test out weapons. I’ve found this is most important on your first play through, so you can see which build you want for your next (the beauty is that by NG+ you usually have all weapons and have upgraded a handful of contenders). I hope that makes sense. Kinda writing this in a rush before work lol
By Anonymous
It's only worth trading the NG+ one. Keep the NG one because all slabs will respawn in NG+ anyway
By Anonymous
I recommend upgrading your main weapons and keeping this and saving one just to use, for NG+ frens.
By Anonymous
The idea behind this item is the emerald herald's feather from DS2 and i love it!
By Anonymous
Lord Vessel
By Sixberry
This might be the fragment of the broken Coiled Sword in the High Wall of Lothric. The first time you spawn there, there's a bowl with a seemingly dead coiled sword resting beside it, the tip is missing. Given this, and the fact that the Untended graves are nearby is... curious, to say the least.
By Anonymous
Vaatividya, is that you? Lol
By Anonymous
i killed dancer, oceiros and gundyr to get this before vordt because i was tired of buying homeward bones while farming at highwall, was that a smart thing to do?
By Anonymous
The fact that you killed those bosses early makes it a smart thing to do.
By Anonymous
Yes indeed
By Anonymous
daaangg boi howd you manage all that before Vordt?! i killed dancer before Yhorm or the Pontiff but it took me 62 tries with a +4 heavy reinforced club and resins.
By Anonymous
i keep trying to drop it for Pickle pee but nothing happens
By Anonymous
On use to firelink shrine, for some reason it gives me tiny pieces of status effects? I have no clue why
By Anonymous
I dont know why but the game is calculting your resistances again. Just like in Bloodborne if you change a rune for better poison resistance for ex
By Anonymous
Game does that whenever you teleport for some reason. Like the other guy said it's calculating your resistances.