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At least this makes more sense than an aged feather did in number 2.
Would the sword fragment stay with you when you start a new game?
yeah i have two right now in ng+, just got it
Can you get another one in NG+? Thx
Yes it does.
while it's impossible to enter the tower by a glitch involving jumping off the tree besides the roof you can reach those rafters and go through the same illusory wall to get a covetous silver serpent ring
You cannot enter untended graves version tower anyways, i've tried when i have the key already.
Your reading comprehension is really lacking huh? He said Its impossible to enter the tower "By a glitch involving jumping off the tree".

He didn't say its impossible to get in the tower, but rather that if you jump over the tree you cannot get in the tower that way.

Context, it does miracles for comprehension.
Impossible to enter the tower? You know you can buy a key for it....right? It only costs 20k Souls.
whoops wrong page sorry
Well, for some reason I'm not able to use it anymore..
I don't know what's causing it.
The cause of the problem was, that I was traveling around the road of scrifices. Seems like you can't use things like homeward bone and the coiled sword here.
It is all grayed out.
well...someone invaded you
It's basically a titanite slab, homeward bones are super cheap.


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Either that or you can use the homeward spell like I do. Uses some FP, but I never use magic anyway.
It carries over to NG+.
One of the best parts of the worst game is reappearing! The aged feather...
Cannot be traded with crow...
Nevermind, had it equipped to bar.
so does this come back in new game plus if you traded it with crows?