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I've cleared out some of these areas unkindled so they didn't spawn for me, however i went back to try and fight them but they didn't spawn. Do they not spawn if you've already beaten the boss of the area?
Correct. If you've beaten the boss of the area you cannot spawn the NPCs. You have to spawn them prior to beating the boss.
i beat Tsorig after defeating the Old Demon, he is the only one ive been able to get post boss though
The Knight Slayer Tsorig you encounter within the Demon Ruins isn't an invader, but the actual Tsorig. So he can be encountered whether the boss is alive or not. Same thing goes for the Daughter of Crystal, Kreimhild in the Grand Archives. That's the actual person, not a phantom.
So that means Pate died and Creighton continued to murder across the lands.


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Dark Spirit of Londor showed up on my first character but he didn`t on my 2nd one. Is his spawn tied to something?
Yes, in order for the Londor Pale Shade to spawn as an invader you need to be on bad terms with yuria


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Cool little Easter Egg, Gutts will spawn at Lothric High Wall's second Bonfire, in New Game +2. He uses the Fume Knights Greatsword and everything, hahah.


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If you summong Tsorig as a white phantom near the demon king bonfire and speed run through the dungeon where the actual Tsorig is then they will fight. Note that you have to stop in between enemies for Tsorig to catch up. Fun to watch
So,if i killed all the bosses but not all phantoms does it mean i cannot fight these phantoms any longer? or is there a way to do so?
NPC phantoms only invade if the area boss is still alive
I don't think Miyazaki would make you fight these guys once, and if you lost, you can't have a rematch. The fact thet Yellowfinger's stuff appeared in Rosaria's room for me even when I lost to it makes me think they must all appear somewhere, or their stuff does.
That's just the Rosaria Questline. Yellowfinger shows up there no matter what.
Yeah,and its stupid if i would not be able to acquire thorns set because i was not in ember form before killing deacons...



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--Always stay embered. No reason not to.. unless you just die allot. Embers are pretty easy to kome by / farm.