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Does infusing this give back your gem, or does it just clear the infusion?
No it does not give back the gem. Don't use it if you do not want to lose your gem.
This is a valid question.
whats the point of it if u can just infuse the weapon with something else
To turn weapon back to normal particularly if you don't have anything better to infuse it with. Say you made a raw weapon early on to get more damage than your stats could provide but now you've leveled up and want to give it back scaling but don't have the appropriate gem yet. Shriving it might give you more damage until you have the gem you want. Very limited use though.
do you keep the gem that you remove with a shriving stone from a weapon or do you lose it?
It's lost. The only real times I think you'd use this is if you had a raw weapon but now have high enough strength and/des for worthwhile scaling but don't have a heavy/sharp/refined gem on hand. Or you just screwed up.
You lose it most likely
So if you just infuse with a different gem you lose titanite level?
No infusion doesn't effect reinforcement. Where are you getting that from?
I'm with you here... It doesn't make sense to use a striving stone to undo an infusion of you can just add another gem to it? What is the point in a striving stone?
t is not equal to hr, learn to read. sHRiving. yes, its a game, but this small lack of attention could also be the reason you are failing at life - not just sark souls.
I understand what it does but I don't know how or where to use it. I have 3. I want to undo a weapon infusion but can't find out how.
Talk to the blacksmith in firelink shrine
You just need 1 npc for this task unlike dark souls 1 and 2 where you need to run around the world to abunch of npc's for variations of tasks
stop playing this game. it requires an iq of 70.
stop playing this game, it requires an iq of 70.
Feels like the most useless gem in DS3. Use it to remove infusion without losing reinforcement level, but you can do that already if you have a gem to replace the current (like Fire > Chaos). Yeah, any infusion will change the stats of a weapons, thats obvious. To use these "shriving" stones feels rather pointless. Now if the stones were used to remove the infused gem without it being lost (recovered instead of lost), THEN I could see the shriving stones as useful. And yeah, people can use them to turn weapons into regular, but most weapons in DS3 can be obtained multiple times, even Uniques if going from NG+ to 1 to 2 to 3 etc.
Stfu, don't use them, period



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Shriving Stone isn't as useless as everyone thinks it is. There are some weapons that can potentially be at their strongest when uninfused (perhaps infused unwittingly by the owner considering the oddity of a weapon becoming unobjectively worse): Onikiri & Ubadachi on quality builds, for example; well, historically this WAS the case, but I think the scaling and infusion changes of the recent update may have changed things slightly to favor scaling of infusions more... well, favorably. That being said, a patch that changes infusion/scaling could just as likely worsen an already infused weapon. Thus, the Shriving Stone does have a place outside of being used for the "I'm Sorry" carving.

(PS: also, maybe as a kind of OCD sort of thing, when completely rethinking which infusion to use after say completely respeccing, resetting to Normal before looking at how damage and scaling is affected would feel much better without having to readjust the changes based on the current infusion)


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wait what? i didn’t know o&u can be infused.
It's literally useless. If the infusion you have becomes bad from a patch, just switch to a different one.. An uninfused weapon is always in any case worse than one with an infusion. It is never better to not infuse a weapon.


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Hi, sorry I am a newb and just wanted to ask:
Is it possible to just upgrade an item to +8 as regular (or another infused type gem) then just use blessed gems for example to get it to +9 and it be the equivalent of a +9 blessed item?
The reason Im asking is because I have been farming blessed gems all day and only found 2 using the max amount of item find I could muster e.g. Crystal sage rapier, mimic chest headpiece, coins and gold covetus serpent ring.
Its seems easier to farm other types of gems so was just wondering if I could just get those then change the type of infusion but it still be the equivalent of a +9 blessed infusion then just use a slab to get it to +10.
Uh, this is a confusing post, but I'll try to help.

I'm assuming what you're asking is can you get the benefits of blessed after changing the infusion? If so, then no. I'd suggest putting a blessed gem on your offhand weapon or shield if you want the slow hp regen.

I realize this reply is a number of months late, but in case anyone else comes around with the same question - the gems do not upgrade the weapon, they only change its infusion. The question above seems to be written under the idea that they would need to farm multiple blessed gems to upgrade a blessed item, this is not the case. All upgrades are done using titanite, and you only need a single gem to change your weapon to the desired type.

So using the above case for example, there is no need to make the item +8 first then use blessed gems to bring it to +9 (because that doesn't actually work that way) and then finish it with a slab. You can just use a blessed gem at any point, and all upgrades are made with titanite.
I feel like this item needs to be reworked so that it removes infusion & reinforcement level but you get the upgrade materials back in return. The cost would be the shriving stone & the souls you spent upgrading the weapon. This way, you could use and upgrade weapons more freely. I feel like the DS games are too restrictive on the amount of upgrade materials available, limiting the amount of weapons you can use per playthrough. The sheer amount of weapons available in the game weighed up against the cost of upgrading them to usable levels translates to weapons that will never be experienced by myself through my entire time playing this game. I have so often watched the weapon moveset videos in the wiki links & examined the scaling tables just to contemplate if it would be worth doing a playthrough with a partcular weapon; I'd much rather have the freedom to experience these weapons first hand: damage, speed, move set, poise damage - there are so many things to consider & I truly wish I could experience them all without investing obscene amounts of time to do so.
I don't know what you mean by weapon upgrade materials being restrictive, I've had no problem deciding to upgrade weapons I have no immediate or any plans to use. In fact because it was so easy to come across excess materials beyond what I was planning on using it was easy to decide to farm for them and upgrade tonnes of weapons. As a result I'm on my third playthrough of the game back to back, using a 3rd completely different build with plans for another right after.

I'm pretty sure the lack of armour upgrading in this one is the major cause of it.
3 years later but ds3 already has good material spreading, by endgame (which is the time to play around with weapons you dont need) you can buy all of the materials, from shard to chunk. And theres also much more slabs this time around compared to DS1 dan DS2.