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By Anonymous
cant summon or be summoned in this entire area doesnt even let me use white soapstone, whats up?
By Anonymous
Its a bad glitch. Game thinks you have a phantom with you. Even puts up fog walls and if you bonfire away it loads forever.
By Anonymous
What's up
By Anonymous
I cant summon either , so maybe is some fromsoft problems
By Anonymous
You can get Caitha's Chime over here, if you go from the area with the redtear stone ring and fall off the edge of the roof onto another part of the roof you can see a body that holds Caitha's Chime. It's just above the two Lothric Knigths that are kneeling/Sitting before a body.
By Anonymous
There's an illusory wall that is not mentioned here i just found. On the little tower where the big blue fatty with dual axes is, before the bonfire on the bridge with the dragons. It's on the second floor, facing the 3 barrels to your left.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Woops *****ed up there, was trying to type that the loot is the winged knight set and the sacred bloom shield i believe.
By Anonymous
Using soul spear and a lot of ashen estus flasks I was able to kill the dragons before even crossing the bridge. Before the bridge you can hide in the left corner of it and aim soul spears at the white dragon without locking on and the flames can't hit you. Takes some time but when you kill it both dragons die.
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By jsizzle
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only took me 25 large and fire arrows each
By Anonymous
Can do so the old fashioned way too, with bow and arrows.
By Squeaky245
Did the same with black fire orb. Really gotta lob it with that spell though. The bridge is right next to a bonfire too, so you can just put all your estus towards FP and go to town with magic.
By Anonymous
I'm at Lothric castle, one of the wyverns on the bridge bugged, now it can't die, no matter how much I beat its foot... Did anyone experience this?
By Anonymous
they both die at the same time so if you killed one, the other one is dead and no amount of 'foot hitting' will cause it to die
By Anonymous
After killing 3 bosses in a row I was expecting a totally original area with brand new enemies and challenges as a reward for my efforts... but its just a bunch of the same *****.
By Anonymous
wait... there's undead / hollow enemies in dark souls?! NO FK'IN WAY!!!
By Anonymous
Hey, uh, random guy. It's LOTHRIC CASTLE. IT'S SUPPOSED TO HAVE LOTHRIC KNIGHTS AND HOLLOWS. Where the hell have you been?
By Alfy
I agree. Yes, it's Lothric's castle, so it's pretty much as it should be. But coming necessarily right after two bosses in a row, with levels of very variable quality depending on what order you played them, it's a bit wearying. And as another poster said, they also bumped up the difficulty level by a pretty big chunk: rather than looking forward exploring this level, I'm looking forward being done with it!
By Anonymous
I didn't mind the location, but some of the encounters were really obnoxious. I agree that it didn't feel very rewarding, and I wanted it to be over with too! I just finished exploring the dang castle in one huge playthrough, no breaks. Glad to be done with this place.
By Anonymous
Get your French rubbish out of here, nobody want's to hear that.
By Anonymous
I was able to summon sirris as well for this fight. her sign was at the base of the steps before the fog
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