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By Anonymous
Does anyone here know what those feather-winged dragons flying overhead are called?
By Anonymous
Pilgrims Butterflies.
By Anonymous
I also had a summon sign for Sirris of the Sunless Realms, presumably because I completed her quest-line. Though I notice it is not mentioned here in the walkthrough. I doubt this is a first occurrence after 5 years, but regardless, thought it should be mentioned.
By Anonymous
Lothric Castle - only way to get in is via ladder. Ambassadors from another kingdoms will be happy :D
By Anonymous
Killing the claw pus doesn't kill both wyverns, just one.
By Anonymous
You don't have to kill it, you just need to attack it.
By Anonymous
it stops both from attacking at least
By Anonymous
Some of the worst invasion spawns in the game. Spawned near the winged knight twice right as the host started the Dragonslayor Fight. Like aren't invaders supposed to spawn in front of the host?
By Anonymous
No, they're not. Hunting down the host is part of invasions.
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