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I recently found out that the Lothric Knights can also drop a special crossbow.


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Confirmed. Added it to the list
Knight Crossbow.
pretty*****ty crossbow, can get a better one from the crossbow hollow
The spear-armed knight can also drop the lothric knight greatshield.
I can confirm this
meant to clicc like but hit dislike
While it is possible to parry most of the knight's attacks, they do have one slow overhead attack that can't be parried (tried several times with a parrying dagger, and could only ever get a partial). This makes for a very challenging enemy, seeing as the attack that -can- be parried is super fast, often causing you to react too early/late due to the threat of the slow overhead attack. It's strange that every single attack of a cathedral knight UGS can be parried, whilst this one has one that can't be.

Maybe I just need to git gud, but I'm pretty certain of these facts.
these guys can ***** off
the greatsword variants can attack with a combo as fast as a *****in straightsword
But this is where they live bro
Theres no mention here that they can be farmed for sunlight medals offline or could it be fake?
Thought they also dropped sunlight medals?
These knights are one of the "Three pillars of the king's rule" in lore, as mentioned in the Knight's Ring, Priestess Ring and Scholar's Ring descriptions.
The only enemy to drop Sunlight Medal.
In the "Notes and trivia" section at the bottom, it clearly states you can get the sunlight medals from them.
While farming for a Lothric Knight Greatsword I had the greatsword knight drop a lightning gem, if that's worth noting on the loot as well.
Grand Archives Lothric Knights can buff their weapons with Crystal magic Weapon, as opposed to the Blessed Weapon of their earlier counterparts. This may be due to their proximity to the scholars and their studies.