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"Soul of the High Lord Wolnir.
One of the twisted souls, steeped in strength.

Use to acquire many souls, or transpose to extract its true strength.

Lord Wornir of Carthus sentenced countless souls to gruesome deaths, keen to outlive them all."

(Yes, in the item description there's both spellings of "Wolnir" and "Wornir.")
Why the ***** dont the Soul of cinder (High lord wolnir) spawn in +5 ? *****ing stuck before dancer an cant Get anywhere! ***** this game Bigg time ../.,
Go to the room with the Dancer and kill the lady in the chair. It will cause the Dancer to appear despite not having all the Souls of Cinders
High Lord Wally is a super easy boss, but damn cool looking.
What’s more worth while, the holy sword, black serpent, or the 10,000 souls from using this boss soul?
Depends on your build bruh. I will say the sword is one of very few (if any) weapons which have faith scaling but doesn't deal split damage. That said, 10k souls van be earned in more minutes.
10k souls or holy sword?



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Black serpent if you have the stats to cast it, even if it deals no damage it's amazing for making panic rolls to catch as the other guy panics



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Whatever your build is. Faith/str build go for the sword, magic go for the black serpent. If you don’t have either build go ahead and pop it