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Is there anyway to buy these if Greirat isn't around at the moment?
Nope, anything unique to Greirat's inventory can only be purchased when he is at Firelink or if you have given his ashes to the maiden.



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He's the only one who sells it. After he dies, you can get it from Shrine Handmaid by giving his ashes to her.

Otherwise, might be able to farm some enemies for it but haven't found any who drop it yet.
Even though its damages combined (normal+fire) are greater than the Large Arrows, it seems to be less effective than them in all cases. Even against enemies with fire weakeness, appart from the stun applied by the fire damage, the overall damage is lesser.

So the only use I see for these arrows is to stun fire-susceptible enemies. Other than that, Large Arrows costs half the amount of souls and inflicts more damage.
They're useful for blowing up explosive barrels from a distance.
They're kinda cheap once you get later in the game.
Fire arrows will ALWAYS deal less damage than wodden arrow. Why? honestly i dont know i tried against those blobby thing that take insane damage from fire and did 29 meanwhile normal arrow i did 20 it is THE ONLY ENNEMY that deal more. against ennemies in cathedral of deep wodden arrow ALWAYS did more damage (around 5-20 more damage)


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I'd have to say because of the split damage you'd have that problem. Two different damage types tend to do that.
When you use this, you feel like an actual archer, using this along with standard arrows and poison arrows, using each arrow for different situations. This arrow can stun enemies weak to fire, blow up barrels from a distance, and just look plain awesome.
This really helps variety and fun to the PVE aspect of the game, you're more focused on your surroundings and what you can use to your advantage, instead of attacking head on
Great for stunlocking tree women, otherwise they're only really good for setting off fire traps