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I grabbed the key off the anvil but I was axed by the ax wielding hollow at the same time, I went to go unlock the cell and it wouldnt unlock. I then checked my inventory to find no cell key an when I went back to the anvil it was no longer there. Please advise unless this was not the correct spot for the key
I grabbed this key too but i can't open the door in the undead setlement. And yeah i have THE RIGHT KEY!
How can i fix this bag? I have checked the cache and it does not helped.
It's actually not at/on the anvil, that's an Estus Shard. The key is at the bottom of a set of stairs at the end of that room. You probably figured you picked up the key when you grabbed the shard instead. Check again?
The key is does some dead end stairs guraded by a hound
Never mind I must have been confusing something else with the key. I found it deeper along in the room down some stairs by a dog
It's not there for me. I got an estus shard instead. Any ideas?
The key is not on the freaking anvil, lean to read
Leaning just made it harder to read...
Cell Key Usage

Opens the cell to Greairat in the Highwall of Lothric, at the bottom of The Tower on the Wall bonfire.
I was honestly just trying to find the hex code to cheat it, I have Cheat Engine. I guess I have to find it normally...
I wanted to get Greirat because I want to see Patches ask me about where Greirat's gone.