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So, is it just me or does the game lack twinkling upgradeable weapons??
I'm having a hard time finding anyway. Pontiff curved sword is my jam
Due to the addition of the weapon arts there are a lot less of less special weapons (like the ice sword before road of sacrifice) or recycled weapons.
Im not sure I found a single one in my first playthrough
I've been using the pontiff scythe
Sunsword dude, sunsword
Is there a list of weapons for Twinkling titanite?



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--Ditto... Thats what I've been looking for. There is a Weapon list on this site but loading each one.. one by one is hecka slow. Then debating on which one to invest in and/or find its location... if you feel like skimming threw ALL the weapons to find the ones that would apply.

--Them Listed under this Article would make the most sense.
Been getting to find one myself..
After farming the Road of Sacrifices' Black Knight, I finally got that Black Knight Greatsword. Time to go out and get these.
Some (3x) can also be purchased from the Thief in Firelink, if he gets rescued by the Onion Knight.
alternatively if he dies you can give the handmaid his ashes and she will sell everything he would have sold if he had been saved, including the twinklies and the scales
Got one off of the crystal lizard in the upper part of Catacombs of Carthus as well, the one on the ledge that runs off.
3 inside chests in the room to the left of the dragons guarding the bridge.
In Archdragon's peak the Dragon that continues to spew fire out with the rock lizards who headbutt. The Dragon when killed Drops x3 Twinkling titanite x3 titanite Scales and x6 titanite Chunks (In regular game. Unsure about ng+ and beyond)
You can buy three from great after his second scavenge for 12000 a pop