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Just curious if this still provides boosts to mriacles, pyromancies, and non magic dmg type sorceries, or if it is damage type exclusive now
It only affects regular sorceries, has no effects on miracles, pyromancy or even dark sorceries.
Just sorceries. Also, damage boost is only 10%. The magic penalty is -30.
Seems to give a 10% increase only to sorceries. No damage increase with pyromancies or miracles.



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With magic infusions or buffs damage gained with this item. around 1% of your current AR.
The damage increase applies to all Magic damage dealt, including weapons with innate or infused Magic damage.
Crown of Dusk is found beneath a tall white tree that stands alone. In stark contrast to the swamp around it. Not far from it are the mushroom people. If you put these things together, it is possible Dusk was transformed into the tree like Elizabeth was a mushroom. Pure speculation, but food for thought.
If only that were true, you get her gear set in a cave on the far side of the swamp. With a curled up corpse beside a mushroom..... #sadsouls
Found next to a white tree to the far right of the giant door that has to be opened by extinguishing flames. It is guarded by a giant crab
I hope it's not the only one helmet boosting sorcery... my sorcerer will look plain ridiculous in this stuff... it's not very gender universal.
Sorcerer Itemization seems to SUCK in DS3. Not only is this the only HELMET boosting Sorceries, it's the only non-catalyst, non-ring item that boosts Sorceries.

I really feel like the Sage's Big Hat should also boost Sorceries -- ya know, the classic *****ing "witches' hat" that you got from the *****ing SAGE!?!?

I switched to Dark Magic to simply not feel compelled to wear this to maximize my magic damage output. I hated this even in Dark Souls 1. I feel that they should have made either Big Hat Logan's hat do this effect or the Gold Hemmed Hood. Karla's or Sage's hat in this case.
Yeah. I'd rather have no items lend a boost than this derpy *** looking crown to get gated into. Not to mention none of the good INT scaling weapons can be infused.
Don't worry it looks ridiculous on women too.
Same in DS1. Logan's hat, the legendary big hat, did nothing, so wearing this over it was a better idea...
I hope there is any armor buffing pyromancy, increasing int or giving a attunement slot. Something useful for magic users ;).
wait for dlc lol
Does the whole set need to be on or just the helm
Just the helm
Does not effect dark sorcery