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Weeb slasher
i got this on my 2nd try, i dont know how
Good for u...
3 hours of farming and I still don't have it
Ha ha
Rng gods blessed you
Praise RNGesus!


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A while ago I made a comment that this is pretty unsuitable, if not unusable, for a bleed infusion. I redact that statement. Though it's definitely more viable on a quality refined build, blood infusion is still viable. There's a 3 hit soft combo I just found out (my least used weapon class so I'm probably behind the curve). R1 R1 and heavy stance roll catch. Then you can switch to a blood bandits knife and chase them down while they frantically search for blood moss. Again, not as good as refined but it's unexpected and really fun. I've never seen a bleed build use this, give it a try if you're running one.
I dont understand why you would ever go refined. the flamberge has way more AR at base STR and +60 DEX than 40/40 or base DEX, 66 STR. Its a DEX weapon, not a quality one.


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Anyone wanna trade his Mirrah Chain Set against my Flamberge?
ah yes if you want more annoyance at the*****ty coded drop rate and thought hey getting the ultra black Knight sword dont have enough of a low drop rate this weapon is for you to farm until you get around 20k souls and get a hat instead
This is my personal favorite weapon since DS3 launched. This little beast proves luck build is more than just R1! Flexible moveset, edgy look. My suggestion is just slapping the RAW gem and put the rest of point in other stat, until you get a hand on profaned coal, get around 30 luck (+10 luck can be given by 2 hollow infusion). 40 luck hollow flamberge gives you decent 400ish per swing with high bleed build up with rouge. MAKE LUCK BUILD GREAT AGAIN!
You have my vote brother
Hell yeah!
I've heard the ridiculous damage on the R2 WA is due to 2 factors. 1, it was originally meant to have stomp, and the MV got transferred and 2, it deals only slash and not thrust damage, which gets calculated differently. I don't have CE so I can't do exact calculations, but can anyone confirm or deny this? Thank you!
I was preparing for a long season of farming, with routes and all in my head... got it in my first time. Now I hope I have the same luck with the Heavy Crossbow
Update: got 3 already, 2 from Undead Settlement and one from the Cathedral. Didnt use anything special, only had luck 14 from the thief. Also got the Heavy Crossbow I wanted for my build in the 10th try with the sage rapier.
Excuse me for being a simpleton, but I’m slightly confused about how many points I should invest into strength and dex before reaching the cap. I’m going for a quality build that uses a bit of pyromancy and miracles on the side, and I’m also wondering if hammering a refined gem on both Flamberge and Longsword are viable in this situation.
40/40 is typically what we consider a "soft cap" and a 60/60 would be considered the "hard cap" which means that up until that stat reaches, (and this is not correct i believe but it's the example lmao) level 40, let's say the point scaling is like 1 for 1. Each point in, increases everything therein by that much. And that's the soft cap. So up to level 40 any stat gains good value. Now when you get to 60+ it's not that cool. The ratio drops to (and again, not real numbers) 1 for .5 which really isn't worth it to level that stat anymore because when it got to level 40, it's basically as strong as it will get as fast as it will get. But when it gets in the 60's it's much more worth it to begin investing in other stats. Mainly it's for pvp reasons, since most players keep a build specifically for pvp where they have stopped at some combination of 40/40, rarely using a 60/60 build. Dark souls players like a challenge, and willingly handicapping yourself to go and fight other players in onar londo makes it harder. Also, if someone bows to you before a fight, bow back. At that point, you have accepted a new rule. No estus during this fight. The only exceptions would be if a second attacker blindsides you, or your opponent gives up and drinks his estus. So, bow=no estus. HAPPY HUNTING! i sincerely hope this helped.
If you want a "quality build" you can go instead for a dark build. Go for 18/18 str and dex then go 30/30 on int and faith. Slot some attunement and u got urself a meta build
Also consider SL. So if I'm at 120, but I'm looking for a STR/DEX and INT/FTH, then invest the minimum amount of points into STR/DEX without screwing yourself, then put 30/30 into INT/FTH like the guy said. On the otherhand, if you're looking to put on a refined gem, I'd suggest going 40/40 build, then putting refined. If you look at UPGRADES under the Equipment tab, you'll see what gems and infusions are best according the character build.
sharp at +3 is E in STR and C in DEX, not D/D