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been trying for ages
Got mine from the black hat with it that drops down in a barn in Undead Settlement.
I got mine with 14 luck on the Cathedral rooftops, after clearing them about 4-5 times. Drops from the thralls, probably the ones who are actually using it.
Is there more than one barn in Undead Settlement/Cliff Underside where they drop?
I have a 20 luck stat and have gotten 2 great machetes, 6 fire gems, 3 titanite and countless worker armor etc plus rubbish (the actual item) but no flamberge in over 120 runs. RNG is certainly not bring nice them. Thank you for responding!
It's a rare drop so it takes a while, but I used the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire in Undead Settlement, and then ran in the back area of where the giant shoots arrows. There's a small cabin with an item on a corpse in front of it where a Hollow Slave with a zweihander will drop down when you go to grab the item.
A run doesn't take long, but it will be some time before you get one unless you're lucky.
Cathedral of the deep may have a higher drop rate. went around 60-100 runs with coins in Undead settlement with no drops. Got not only Flamberge but also a thrall hood and ax in around 20-30 runs with coins.
Cant find where this drops lololol.
Got two off my first kills on those little punks.
I got the flameberge in the cleansing chapel right in the area where the two giants are. It dropped from a little minion wielding a sword. The types that usually wields the sickles
Seems to be the strongest physical greatsword since you can make it heavy unlike the BKS.


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To be clear, this item drops from the thieves (those that looks like Greirat) that wields a long sword with two hands. The easiest one to farm is the one in the barn over the bridge from the Cliff Underside bonfire (where you find Cornyx). The whole run takes less than one minute.
I got mine after 75 runs.
75, jesus. I farmed the Harpe in 8, then the slave's hatchet in about 10. I decided I might as well do the Flamberge too went out there and got it on my first run. Item find was at 278 (chest hat, copper coin, 25 luck)


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I think i'm the bad luck guy here, 100 runs and nothing, at run 67 or so i thought i had it, but it was a titanite chunk... Can you remember how much luck do you had when you get this sword? I have the 11 points whose the warrior starts with. I'm getting quite mad with this...
I had it drop twice, in under 15 tries both times
Have yet to get my hands on it, is it worth farming for?


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Yes. It's basically a better version of the BKS with infusion, enchanting and Stance instead of perserverance. Clearly worth it.
Whats the best Flamberge infusion?
I use chaos, but I've heard heavy is pretty good too.