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By Anonymous
are those blood and poison infusion table true? blood +9 goes from 70 to 40 and poison goes 33 to -
By Anonymous
can i use this in my quality luck build
By Anonymous
yeah, but you only get like 20 damage more than just having 40dex by itself. If you want to try a cool build with luck try 40dex 50luck since you can effectively use sharp, hollow, bleed and poison weapons without sacrificing damage. Also makes katanas scarier cause you keep their damage while also increasing bleed.
By Anonymous
Someone that can give me one ? I'm so tired of farming
By Anonymous
Great weapon... IF YOU ARE A CASUL

Any sensible player should quickly convert to the beautiful PKCS within seconds of using this poopy nerd sword
By Anonymous
"the beautiful PKCS." That's a new one.
By Skulladium
I ran a SL1 Flamberge .
Dude none other weapon at +6 SL1 does so much dmg...
Like 1 attack and WA staggered Dancer.
And i dont include the bleed dmg.
It may have small range but damn its worth.
By Anonymous
I've rolled with a Heavy Flamberge throughout my STR build in PvE, and its excellent. It's one of the faster heavy weapons you can use, and the bleed helps a lot with many bosses. It also doesn't empty your stamina in 3 swings like most hammers and UGS weapons.

For PvP its pretty fun, because players don't expect it and they especially don't expect how many swings you can get before you run out of stamina. Easy to catch them after rolling with repeated attacks. The range is not great though, and against sweaty tryhards and meta players it wont do so well. But its still great fun!
By Anonymous
I feel like this should have a thrust attack on it's 1H R2
By Anonymous
Just use the claymore nerd
By Anonymous
This thing has incredible weapon art damage. Great for trading with ultras and other heavy weapons + roll catch on wakeup
By Anonymous
The weapon does not bounce And that should probably be added somewhere in the wiki comared to other grateswords
By Anonymous
upon further inspection seem to bounce less / im an idiot
By Anonymous
probabIy better to use a zwei if u r gonna pump end
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