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Where am?
What are good weapons, and how do you get them.


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I've been using the Uchikatana, which is currently infused with the sharp stone, so that it scales better with my dex build, it can also be infused with the heavy stone, although probably recommended(haven't tried) but I've been able to kill the first two lords without too many problems. Still using the starting knight armor. But the build is (at least for me) extremely versatile and semi-powerful
The Katana's skill is also extremely useful for stunning enemies that wouldn't normally be stunned.
Start with the Fire Gem as your gift, then kill the Swordsman to the left of the Firelink Shrine to get the Uchigatana sword. Infuse the sword with the Fire Gem at Blacksmith Andre. You will need 11 strength and 16 dex to hold the sword. Infusing the sword with the Fire Gem will remove all stat scaling, meaning Dex or Str will not increase it's damage. This gives you the initial freedom to invest points into other stats depending on the build you want to focus on.

Remember you can respec your stat points later in the game. This sword can easily bring you to the end, and into NG+.
really depends on your play style. some people, like me, cannot stand anything other than the longsword and weapons with that moveset. others are pure mages, pure bowmen, or pure heavy weapon users. find your favourite for your play style.


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If you dont know what build you want to use I recommend you to get the deep infused axe on the mimic under the dragon or raw infuse astora's straightsword at lothrics wall kinda kitchen. They have low stat requirements, no stat scaling, enough damage to use for most of your walkthrough (and higher than most weapons with min reqs scaling) and its movesets are pretty decent. You get them on first area of the game and dont require investment to use them at all or win a hard figh (like uchigatana at first)
i use the great machete raw its like +5 right now along with the plontiff knight shield with the armor of favor
How come some weapons have a negative sign and red numbers instead of a plus sign where the scaling is?
If there is a (-) that means it does not scale for that stat. When you're looking at red numbers it means that it scales worse than the weapon you are wielding or will scale down a letter from infusing.
You don't meet the stat requirements for the weapon.
This is because either it has taken a large amount of durability damage and deals less damage, or your skill level for one of the required stats is below the minimum.
Anyone found the best weapon for a dex build? The Chaos Blade seems to be the best for it, but I'd like to hear from someone that has it.
i meaaan pontiff knight great scythe is pretty neat


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The Black Blade upgraded to Sharpened ends up with B Scaling which isn't bad, I use the Darkdrift just off preference though. Chaos Blade has the best scaling off base, but im not sure if it can be infused which the Black Blade can, and it can be buffed.


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Any weapon with decent Dex scaling and a Sharp infusion, I'd imagine...
Just do a quality build, everything does more damage as a quality over Dex and you have more than enough points to do 40/40
***** dex builds.....
If you sharp infuse the regular dagger it gets it to A at the start but it all depends on what kinda dex weapons you want to use.
I use the pontiff knight great scythe. it has S scaling in dex at +5
So far all weapons I've tried deal more damage when infused as raw than with scaling. I mean even infusing weapons with DEX, STR or refine infusion end up dealing less damage than just raw infusing. I'm not rly leveling DEX or STR but they are at 14 both (stat requirements for weapons normally). Any hint of what lvl and letter of scaling it begins to be better to just use the scaling of the weapon than just raw infusion? Hope someone makes a calculator to see what stats you require to be better than raw infusion.
Man if your STR and DEX are only 14 scaling will do absolutely nothing. That's kind of the point. Raw has high base damage in exchange for no scaling so if you don't plan on levelling up those two skill's, stick with raw. But if you want to benefit from scaling increase both to about 25 or 30 if you want to use something like the claymore.


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What he means is if theres a calculator somewhere to know when a weapon starts to do more damage with scaling than with raw infusion. Obviously with STR 40 a STR scaling weapon will deal more than raw. the point is to know at what lvl it happens. STR, DEX, INT & FTH
Example: Chaosblade got S scaling in Dex. Thats 233 Dmg from scaling with 40 Dex + 180 raw. So if a weapon has good scaling, dont use raw gem. if it hast bad scaling, use raw gem. Or if you are at the start of the game and dont have stats now, the raw is fine
At 35 dex I'm already noticing I sizable increase in scaling damage over flat damage infusions - and I'm only lvl 80, plus, 20 VIG/END is perfectly fine, for even a casual player.
I am at lvl 100 and I am still using my Longsword with Fire infusion...haven't found anything that would warrant putting points into DEX or STR and forgo points in HP and Stamina just to use a weapon that has scaling...guess scaling is only goodd for real high lvl characters, like 200+. I mean really, why would I want to run around with 20/20 Vigor/Endurance only to be able to use a scaling weapon with 30/30 or 40/40 Dex/Str and end up dealing just as much damage.
where's the tool??