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By Anonymous
do i need to kill alva to get the armor to spawn or can i just let him kill me
By Anonymous
the bards might call alva a 'him', but i bet they never saw the person without the amor

what im trying to say is Alva + Zullie best lesbian couple in gaming
By Anonymous
in the portuguese translation of DS3, the "Seeker of the Spurned" invader is called "ProtetorA dos Desprezados", and not "Protetor dos Desprezados"
so in a way, Alva is female, at least in portuguese
By Anonymous
Try it with the Very Slim preset to not look like an absurdly chunky lad
By Anonymous
i use this armour whith the eliet knight gauntlets, legs and helm, and its amazing.
By Anonymous
Look how they massacred my boy...
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By Rads
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But, isn't Alva a woman's name?
By Anonymous
Someone else has already noticed the great similarity between Alva and the character that appears on the cover of Dark Souls 1?
By Anonymous
Seems like a good armor for Dex build
By Anonymous
Indeed, but I always use this set in my STR builds and in some pyro/sorcery too. He doesn't weight much and you can use it with combinations too, thats why this is my favorite armor.
By Anonymous
Man got with a witch who was sent to kill him but instead she let him smash. And yet stupid undeads in this comment section call him a simp. He actually got the girl. Pog
By Anonymous
Chad alva
By Anonymous
One of the best sets to mix with other pieces
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