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FYI he still fires at you as an invader, even if you have the branch. FFS.
this article is wrong even if yo befriend the giant his arrows can still hit you he just doesnt shoot you anymore
Did we play the same game???
I feel horrible for killing him
me to I didn't know you could befriend him
You evil soul!
After getting his branch, he won't aim at you, but his arrows can still hurt you and knock you down. This has happened to me a handful of times. Rare? Perhaps. But certainly not impossible.

Could be a bug since some people aren't experiencing it, or could just be that those people are lucky and the arrows are landing close, but are still valid misses.
if you invade someone else’s world, and he starts firing at you, he may continue to fire at you after you exit the target range. Also, I’m not sure if the arrows damage the befriended host, but the aoe explosion of the ground doesn’t.
Not sure if this trivia works here but, from the tower the giant is on you can see all areas you reach in game except for the dlc. Ex, the cathedral of the deep, farron swap are, and londor
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Gough is actually dead. This is confirmed by Andre when given the Giant's Coal. Implying the dead giant found in Anor Londo is Gough. Idk if people skip dialogue or have forgotten, but yeah.
No, the giant in Anor Londo is the giant black smith from the first game, and not Gough
Due to the dialogue from Andre when he is given the Giant's Coal, we can confirm that it is the same Andre from Dark Souls. shut up anon below
are you trolling? the dead giant is the giant blacksmith from dark souls 1. he's literally in the exact same location as he was in the original dark souls. plus he has a coal which is related to blacksmithing. PLUS that coal allows you to do lightning infusion, which is what the giant blacksmith did in the first game
Is this giant accessible from your inventory??? I can't seem to find him...