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i choose White Birch Branch as burial gift and giant never fired at me, only at enemy, when first speaking with him later - he says only "I help anytime", without offering peace
no, it's not the same, one as gift says at bottom - "Perhaps treasuring the memory is more important.", and it's not stacking too
it's the same white birch branch as the giant gives you. just look at the description
Someone killed him in my game but I have no idea who and there were no clues left at the scene!
You guys know that once you got all the white birch branches he dies, right?
I think it's siegward of catarina, i might be wrong.
I found him dead too, it is after I went in Lothric Castle and sun turns to Black. Not entirely sure what happened either, it might be a glitch.
Giants can live for ages in this world and so that would explain why this giant is blind, or so some lore states, and why does noone question andre in that case?
Andre is a illusion and that giant would have had the armor on him, no reason to drop it. From just wanted to bring in another reference, don't take it so ***** serious.
Plus Hawkeye didn't talk in broken english.



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The corpse of the Giant Blacksmith can be found in Anor Londo, and it's not rotted away or anything. Hell, Anor Londo itself exists and is relatively unscathed after supposed eons.. Time is a strange beast in Dark Souls. (And please.. Why couldn't Hawk-Eye exist if Andre does?)
Was anyone else sad when they found out he died? I found out because I was confused as to why h stopped shooting so I decided to run up and check on him. Whenbi found out he had died, I was very sad becuase I think you are his only friend in this realm and the fact he died without warning really made me feel sorry for the big guy. Anyway all the emotions over, I still laugh when all you have to do is say "hey wanna be buddies" and he just goes "sure! Here branch me no shoot you." Although maybe that speaks to how lonely he may be :/
I felt the exact same way :( Was trying to show a friend how cool seeing him throw the spear but I apparently collected all the branches, was nice getting a ring filled with nostalgia but still sad to find him gone after he was helpful
sadness ahead therefore try tears
I don't think ''gough living in the past'' is an excuse. i mean, the giants should be instinct but yet, he isnt the only giant. +he uses the same bow as gough so i guess?
This giant may have Goughs stuff but he's a helium voiced peeper compared to Gough so a grand-grand-grand-son?
"he helps any time"

nice trivia
i don't think it's gough, because gough don't speaks like that :/