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I believe i bought this of of yuria. How do i use it?



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You bring it to Irina of Carim which then allows you to learn more miracles.
You would've found it at Lothric Castle, the one Yuria sells is the Londor tome.
Yuria sells the Londer tome, not this. But you give this tome to Irina of Carim/Maiden that sells miracles. You can give the Londor tome to Irina as well, but it's recommeded to give it to Karla, who you can find in the Irythll Dungeon.
I already killed her and fed her ashes to the maiden.
you monster
sadly karina doesnt want this tome and irina died in my playthrough
Karla refuses divine tomes the first time you offer it but if you insist by offering it again then she will grudgingly accept.
Sorry, that's only dark divine tomes - without Irina you're out of luck for this tome
The broken wall is on the left, not the right, before dragonslayer. There is actually a broken section of wall on the right, but you can't go through it. Took me much longer to find because of that error.



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what if irina is dead before giving this to her?
...then you can't use it? I don't understand what you're asking here.
By doing that the tome gets destroyed but u learn the spells. So try tome butthole.
You can stuff it in her butthole.
Then you can't *****ing give it to her, she's dead, what did you expect?
Dont learn all of the dark miracles before giving irina this book. If you are like me, you probably found this book after already purchasing everything from Irinia. If you did she will no longer be a vendor but instead endlessly ask you to touch her.
Best not to give Irina any dark tomes. Give those to Karla and the dark tomes to Irina. Purchasing any dark miracles from Irina causes her to fall into dark and purchasing them all causes her to stop selling miracles. Save the dark ones for Karla. She likes the dark!
I think that's mitigated if you touch her while wearing Morne's Gauntlets though.
I purchased Dark Miracles from Irina, went and killed the guy in Morne's armor, without using Morne's guantlets I touched her, she then returned to the shrine and became a merchant for me once again. She basically acts the exact same as before. Not sure if that's due to a patch or if I somehow did things differently.
If I found this on NG and Irinia died before I could give it to her, can I give it to her in NG+ or do I have to find it again?
You have to find it again, it is displayed as a key item. Key items get removed when beginning another journey
I'd you do you don't get it he tomb and what ever spells you are missing
This is incorrect...
Um......what? This makes no sense. Getting this is not affected by the dragon....
If you didn't kill her, but bought some of the dark spells, you can find her and Eygon of Carim by the Iudex Gundry exit. After you kill Eygon, talk to her and she will go back to firelink shrine. As long as you didn't buy all of the dark spells, you can still give this tome to her and she will still sell the miracles.