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can buy about 5 at the beginning and after giving the merchant an item (the second one you give her) she sells you unlimited
drop by small crab at Crucifixion Woods
Seems that collecting these is going to more difficult than it used to be seeing as no one sells an unlimited supply and only the small crabs can drop them as a rare drop
Actually it becomes unlimited after you give the paladin's ashes to the handmaiden
After you give her the Paladin Ashes, which is located just to the left of spawning from Cathedral of the Deep's first bonfire, down a small pathway. I've missed it several times on other characters I made.
The Shrine Handmaid provides me with an unlimited supply of these, but I'm not sure what cause the change from her normal stock of 6.
This is innaccurate, or I've done something wrong.

I got the paladin's ashes and gave them to the shrine handmaiden. She still is "out of stock" for me.
Been cheefin on dis purp moss wit yo handmaid, bless the Paladin plug