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Soul of Cinder/ ps4/ next to bonfire/ password: rank I’ll probably only be here for the next ten minutes. Please and thank you
i need help by Oceiros, the Consumed King pw is *****
pw is 1234
pw is 1234
LF someone to play dark souls with, i am at the lothric caste. That place u go after defeating the first boss when you use the fire shrine teleport. Add me on steam if you are interested, my steamname is SillyPillow.
anyone willing to help with MIDIR (PS4)
Need help with soul of cinder; Xbox one; gamer tag: idog9; password: max; character: Jon Snow; location: right outside of the boss fight
Need help with Midir. Xbox: LuxAtaraxia Password : Midir I’m chilling right before the fight where you fall down into the place
first boss in ringed city, password boo. Gamer tag robbieboy41
i created a new character after i lost my old one and im trying to rush through and i was wondering i anyone could help with the dancer password 2211
Want to team up. Ad me on PS4. TheBaneGlory. Just downed the first lord of cinder